Buying Promise Ring

Buying Promise Ring

Giving promise ring is a popular gesture among couples, as it symbolizes their love and commitment to each other, before they take their relationship to the next level.  Wearing this promise ring is a display of this commitment to the public.

Given the above meaning and significance of promise ring, do take note of the below factors when you are ready to buy and give a promise ring to your girlfriend to display your love and affection.

The first most important thing to decide before you shop around for the best and most suitable gift for her is your budget.  Setting a budget is important because it helps you to narrow down your search.  It also ensures that you do not burn a hole in your pocket and buy within your means.  The last thing you want to have when giving a promise ring is to have a stressful experience (due to the money splurged).  You want it to be a joyous and romantic intimate moment with her.  Assuming your budget is 100, you will consider the following few factors when browsing the list of promise rings for her under 100.

The next factor that is important is the style of the ring.  Does she prefer a three stone ring, which has great significance of your relationship.  Three stone generally means your past, present and future with her.  It means that you cherish your past happy occasions with her, treasure current moments with her and look forward to having a great future with her, the two of you, nurturing and growing your relationship with her.  Some prefer the solitaire ring, ie one stone.  This also bores great significance, as you are telling her she is your one and only one.  You only have eyes for her and you are certain she is ”the one”.  There are also other style for example heart shape, cupid arrow across two hearts (which symbolize both of you) or even flower shape, as flowers is also a romantic way to profess your love.

Other than the style, it is also important to know the precious stones she like and if she prefers colour, to add a pop to her ring.  Some prefer diamonds and the colour of diamond is a wardrobe versatile.  Some prefer colour stones due to the special meaning behind the colour or due to their birth month.  One of the more popular colour is blue, which means peace and tranquility, a great experience for your relationship.  Others prefer feminine and sexy colour like red.  Some prefer more colour that cries out attitude and modishness for example black.

With the above factors taken into consideration, you will definitely be able to select the ring from the wide array of promise rings for girlfriend.

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