Unique, Impressive and High Quality – Full Moscow Mule Kit

Unique, Impressive and High Quality – Full Moscow Mule Kit

Premium quality The Full Moscow Mule Kit is surely one of the best mug set you must have ever come across. Not only a couple of 100% Solid Copper Hammered Cups but also got unique extras included in the package. Jigger, Stirrer And Two Straws .

Best thing about these cups is the element of uniqueness, style and quality. Impressive set that will definitely impress your friends and fellows. This copper cup has an interesting chemical reaction with the citric acids in your drink thus giving it a real taste upgrade making its taste sharper and richer. And cooper will keep the drink temperature perfect for you for more time. Means perfect drink in perfect mug.

And that’s not all there are plenty of other benefits of going for this set. They offer you some amazing extras that will level up your drinking experience. A jigger, so as to be precise in your measuring quantities, a stirrer, so as to mix and enhance the taste and two copper straws to boost taste. Apart from quality is yet another reason, its careful, detailed crafting, the best 100% pure copper and its elegant design says it all. And they can be used for lots of other drinking instances as well. Drink your cold coffee, iced tea, beer or any other cold beverage in your Moscow mule mug.

So I would say this Amazing Gift Box by Shoko Moscow is surely the best choice for you to buy for yourself or to gift someone you love. And here is another plus, The Shoko Moscow Mule Mugs Sets come with a 30day money back guarantee. Means if you have some issue or don’t like it you can actually get your money back. So you are left with no reason not to order one.

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