HellsPawn Fights to Become the No.1 Superhero Game of 2017

HellsPawn Fights to Become the No.1 Superhero Game of 2017

Although mobile gaming has come a long way since the inception of the modern smartphone, gamers have yet to get their hands on a truly “console-like” experience for their handheld devices. While many Android and iOS games have certainly delivered on a certain front (be it sound, graphics or story), the general consensus among critics has been that majority of games lack the overall spark that can really establish their place in the gaming hall of fame, regardless of the platform. However, all that might just change with the arrival of HellsPawn.

“Calm Before the Storm”

HellsPawn has been benchmarked against some of the best console games, signaling the studio’s intentions of producing a game that can truly become the top android action game of 2017. The studio has been working overtime to ensure that no aspect of HellsPawn remains unpolished or underdeveloped, and specific work has gone into individual aspects such as graphics, soundtrack, storyline,
HellsPawn is set in a massive open world that allows the gamer unparalleled levels of freedom as they fight their way towards the eventual battle to stop the Armageddon. Featuring a unique comic based theme, HellsPawn is powered by Emperor Games’ in house graphical engine that combines astounding levels of detail with buttery-smooth gameplay. And, in what really is rare territory for mobile gaming, the game features an expertly written original story with a compelling, Hollywood-esque narrative.
HellsPawn – The Most Actioned Filed Superhero Game for 2017

You start off as Lindorf, a legendary thief who is an expert at pulling off the toughest of heists. Yet, just when Lindorf believes he is on to one of his biggest heists yet, the thief is met with ill-fate: fate that sets him off against the CEO of the powerful Dylontine Corporation. Along the way, players are met with a myriad of enemies, from corporate soldiers to mutated creatures and HellCopters. However, far from being just a crash and bash action game, the fight sequences in HellsPawn take in to account the game’s massive open world, allowing gamers to fight each enemy differently. So, if you’re in the mood to showcase your hero’s superpowers, you can do just that. Or, if you simply want to bash your enemy’s head with a car, you can do that too.
Missions too, can be completed in a variety of different manners, using different tactics. However, if you’re worried that all that choice might complicate things, you’ll be glad to know that, despite its scale, HellsPawn is in the end quite easy to play with simple buttons for movement and combat.

HellsPawn certainly has all the makings of becoming an android action game classic. The game combines stunning graphics, a unique story and, above all, highly enjoyable gameplay, all wrapped in a massive open world environment. Console games, beware, you may have finally met your match.

HellsPawn is now available on both the Android and iOS platforms. More information can be found on www.hellspawn.uk.

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