Khazana, A Must Watch Horror Thriller Drama by Rahul Nath

Khazana, A Must Watch Horror Thriller Drama by Rahul Nath

In this lockdown situation there are hardly any fresh releases so I am taking this opportunity to go through the releases I missed in past few year. Luckily I came across a short movie Khazana. It’s a story of a young bride who questions her sanity as she faces abuse at the hands of her new family – until the day she decides to fight back.

It’s a 72 min movie and a pure thriller and attention grabber. Here is what you need to move before you decide whether you should watch it or not.

The movie is releases in 2014 but that doesn’t mean it’s an old stuff. The story is deeply rooted with the bitter reality of our society. Physical and mental abusing of women is the dark reality of our society. And this film has done all the justice with the theme. Khazana is written and directed by Rahul Nath, an Indian actor, writer and director who is best known for his role in the Bollywood film Happy Ending. It’s a well written script, within the first ten minutes, the film just gets in your head. You wont lose your interest till the very end.

As we mentioned earlier it’s a story of a young woman, Vaidehi (Ulka Simone Mohanty) who is married into a wealthy family who are not accepting her. She faces physical and verbal abuse from her husband, Amar (Ahmed Lucan). And that’s not all  Neelma (her mother-in-law) and sister-in-law, do everything possible to bring her down and manipulate her husband against her. Rahul through his magical direction hides many twists under his hat revealing them at the very right time. So script and direction has put the real life in this movie.

For the lengthy part you will be feeling pity for the poor mistreated wife and suddenly an unexpected twist in the story will bring you to the corner of your seat. The point has come when Vaidehi decides enough is enough, she is no more bearing this. She hits back cleverly and hits back pretty hard. Those who were expecting her to be beaten to death as hopeless women finally got something to cheer about. Everything was in favor of Vaidehi until the final twist which brings a big aww on the faces of audience.

So overall an exceptional work. All the characters are perfectly portrayed and you would feel like something real is happening in front of you. A story from reality. But performance of Ulka and Ahmad Lucan is too good to be described in words.

What’s Good About it : It’s actually more than good, it’s the screenplay that clasps every emotion together till the end, it’s a couple of staggering acts that play with your mind throughout. So overall it’s a good effort, highly recommended.

What’s Bad about it : Nothing really. Apart from that it’s a short movie. After watching this one can hope it should have been a full length movie so that one can enjoy such entertainment and thrill for a longer time.

Looking for Break or pauses? : I bet you won’t be, as there are scenes that demand your utmost attention leaving no space to even take a long breath. There aren’t any un-necessarily lengthy scenes at all so nothing to skip for sure.

Should I Watch it or Not?: A big absolute confident YES! It’s a story of courage told in a watchable way & all the characters have done the justice with their roles particularly the progantist. So you should watch.

You can watch it here

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