The Webseries ‘El Australian Trip’ Stars Popular Australian Actor Alex Radu’

The Webseries ‘El Australian Trip’ Stars Popular Australian Actor Alex Radu’

Alex Radu

Do you remember what you were doing when you were thirteen? Most of us might recall one or two highlights of that age period but some people like Alex Radu, were starting their careers. In his case it was acting. He was cast in a role in a play and that is when he realized that he wanted to be a professional actor. Finding out what your life’s work will be at such a young age is enviable and Alex, being a pragmatist, got into it more and more and then attended the respected ‘The Actors Workshop’ in his home town Brisbane. He studied acting and everything associated with the craft such as, singing and voice training, stage combat, sword fighting, audition intensive workshops, acting master classes, American accent classes, vocal coach and among other classes, weapons training workshop. He also learned improvisation and method acting and studied the styles of Brecht, Grotowsky, Uta Hagen and Stella Adler. Some of his very talented and well known teachers are: Larry Moss, Paul Booth and Lyn Kidd to name a few.   

Alex has come a long way since his first appearance on stage. He has since done commercials, web series, TV series, theatre, and plenty of short films and feature-length motion pictures. He has had too many major parts in numerous projects to mention them all here but we would like to briefly talk about a Web Series that Alex had a major role in called: El Australian Trip. ​ Alex plays Paul, a businessman, in the story about a young Colombian filmmaker and entrepreneur who leaves his country, his family and his girlfriend behind to move to Brisbane, Australia to begin a new life there. His decision was brought on by him losing out on a great job because his English skills weren’t good enough. His goals are to learn English and become a professional filmmaker. Once he gets to beautiful Brisbane, however, he realizes that starting a new life isn’t as easy as he expected it would be.   

Immersing himself in a foreign language and a foreign culture is no easy task. In fact, he discovers that it is very difficult and requires a great deal of hard work. The series shows off the allure and true beauty of Australia.

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