Victoria Wallace Is Here To Stay

Victoria Wallace Is Here To Stay

ms victorias wallace

Pro Media Magazine is lucky to have a Classic American Actress chat with us today. We welcome Ms Victoria Wallace who recently wrapped the popular BET movie The Christmas Lottery. Ms Wallace speaks out on the current climate and tackles provocative topics such as Family Feud and making a mark in the industry. Ms Wallace thank you for joining us.

Coming off the heels of such a successful movie The Christmas Lottery where do you begin to look now to top that role?

I’m looking into doing more amazing films and television! There’s so much amazing material out it there already, I can’t wait to dive into my next amazing project

What is the message of that film and what is it’s enduring truth?

I think the message is to be entirely accepting of your family. The good, the bad, the ugly. The film shows how magical things come happen when you work together

What do your fans have to look forward to ?

My fans can look forward to enjoying me take the industry by storm! I’m looking into working with socially impactful non-profits and brands as well

What is the mark you wish to make in this industry?

I hope to be known as someone who genuinely cares for the empowerment of my people. To be known as someone who commits her very best to every project she takes on and enlightens you about the world along the way.

Any thoughts on the current climate and and special message to your fans?

Man, all can say is hang in there! This has been a challenging time for all of us. It’s so common, understandably, to panic, to fret, to worry but trust and believe that God is always on time! Do not lose hope!

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