The Eye-Catching Work Of Photographer Akshay Kandi

The Eye-Catching Work Of Photographer Akshay Kandi

Akshay Kandi is a very busy professional photographer. He was busy in India, where he is from, and now, he is busy in the United States, where he has resided for the last few years. He is a photographer who has seen it all, as they say. At the very least, he has seen a great deal of life and its people and products through the lens of his camera. He has photographed (professionally) models, Ducati motorcycles, fashion, pre-wedding scenes, portraits, war helmets designed for the U.S. Army and he has also been a set photographer for motion pictures. That must be one of the coolest jobs. Walking around the set with a silenced camera taking all the pictures you want of actors and behind the scenes action, along with getting to meet everybody who is participating in the filmmaking production. 

So, apparently, Akshay’s professional life is a fascinating one and a fun one. His work has been in magazines and in advertisements, both online, and in print. People who have worked with Akshay say the nicest things about him: Alexander Nadolishny, a.k.a Design NY, Inc: A person with Extraordinary ability. Archana Rao, Fashion Label: A Value addition in the field of photography. Sindura Borra, Cleanse High: Unique & Exceptional style of work. Suman Kondamedi, King Electronics: Amazing Ability & Remarkable work. Kamal Kiran, KKP: Dedication & Reliability. Varganti Venkatesh, Trident Refrigeration PVT: Maintains deadlines with Quality. VESTA Homes: One of his Kind, His work Inspires personally and professionally. Virat Vakharia, Virat Hindustan Pictures: Rare vision is his most valuable asset. 

Currently, Akshay is working for Jimmy Jazz, the company that sells shoes, streetwear, sportswear and designer clothes. He works in the studio taking product shots that help update the company’s website daily and keeps it an all-in-one destination for shopping and entertainment. He focuses on customer needs and he must constantly keep up with emerging lifestyle and fashion trends, which maintains Jimmy Jazz’s enviable position in the online marketplace. During the current pandemic when people are losing their jobs or are working from home, Akshay has been the only photographer working at Jimmy Jazz. His technical and artistic skills, dependability and creative ability have obviously impressed the company enough to be able to see that they need Akshay in-house, rather than any alternative. He shoots 100% of the models and product images and all the creative photographs for emails, social networks and marketing campaigns. Working in the studio for a great business like Jimmy Jazz allows Akshay to have even more creative latitude than previously, simply because he is the only professional photographer presently working for the company. It’s a perfect fit for Akshay and for Jimmy Jazz during this pandemic. He gets to do what he loves to do, the company gets high quality images and he can stay safe and isolated while doing it.

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