Local Artisans Crafting Ruby Engagement Rings: Toronto’s Hidden Gem Designers


Ruby is a gorgeous colour that exudes vitality, life, and strong metaphysical attributes. It has the power to enhance the wearer’s life significantly. It is a gemstone associated with the Sun, which means that it represents prosperity, fame, and health. Additionally, the user of this gemstone is blessed with greater bravery and self-assurance. Besides this belief, it is popular in Canada to offer proposals with Ruby engagement rings. In this post, you will get to know some of the fine local artisans in Toronto who master the art of crafting:

Al Joher:

Al Joher has an exquisite collection of customized luxury jewelry so you may experience eternal elegance. Their custom-made ruby engagement rings in Toronto are meant to convey deep love and dedication. To make a one-of-a-kind token of your adoration, select from a selection of cuts, colours, and precious metals. 

Rubies’ flamboyant colours are exquisitely complemented by the warm tones of gold or the stylish appeal of rose gold. You get beautiful work and a poignant portrayal of unwavering love when you work with Al Joher. To witness their collection and have a free consultation, schedule one now. Let a ruby engagement ring narrate the tale of your love.

Humbertown Jewellers:

To quench your thirst for ruby engagement rings, Humbertown Jewelers looks like a fine option. This famous jeweler offers you exquisite jewels in addition to customized services. Besides, you can expect a gorgeous collection of luxury timepieces.

They are committed to providing their customers with special-order items with a complete focus on craftsmanship. Considering their commitment to work, your commitment to marrying each other can be elevated by purchasing a ruby ring from Summertown Jewellers. They are also specialized in offering diamond rings as well.



Kimberfire offers a unique ruby engagement ring purchasing experience in Toronto. Handcrafted, responsibly sourced engagement rings showcase the expertise of skilled gemologists who lead clients through virtual consultations. 

Their top-notch Toronto facility produces magnificent ruby rings precisely crafted to reflect unique dreams with 3D models. Kimberfire offers a unique approach to creating remarkable, personalized ruby engagement rings. 

This shows their dedication to excellence and classic beauty. With Kimberfire’s extraordinary experience and moral principles, your proposal will be well executed to add more beauty to your life.


Cynthia Findlay Jewellers

Cynthia Findlay Jewellers is another brilliant choice, specializing in classic ruby designs. They are a Toronto-based company.

It has a great experience in creating unique engagement rings. Due to their extensive experience spanning more than 40 years, they lead customers through a meticulous procedure that includes initial consultation and tailored piece development. 

Their skillful fusion of modern-day elegance and vintage charm is evident in the one-of-a-kind ruby wedding rings.

To guarantee trust in the finished product, the design process entails discussions, computer drawings, and wax samples for approval. 

The dedication to excellence displayed in each personalized piece at Cynthia Findlay Jewellers is matched by various services, ranging from custom creations to repairs.

Hence, choose it to craft your partner’s most gorgeous ruby engagement ring.


Bottom Line:

Have a wish list first, then check each website mentioned above. Choose the one among these to craft your partner’s engagement ring. As many people hope, keep hoping for the best out of ruby rings for your future.

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