Promising engagement ring trends 2020

Engagement rings are a symbol of your heartfelt and passionate love for your partner. It adds meaning to your proposal and makes it special for both of you. In contract with the traditional rings, the present day is seeing a huge variety in the engagement rings designs, patterns, and materials. For the diamond dress rings to the rose gold ring, every ring has its own specialty and significance. This wide range gives you an opportunity to pick one that suits your character and personality or convey a special message to the wearer. The industry is growing and every year sees new trends. While some trends stay for a longer time some old trends go out of fashion. Here are some engagement ring trends which are going to rule 2020.


  • Colored gemstones

Colored gemstones provide an excellent way to bring boldness and brightness to an otherwise simple and elegant ring. These gemstones blend very-well with all the metals and metal colors.


  • Detailing Gallery

The addition of hidden or not so prominent details is getting increasingly popular. Decorating the gallery with small gemstones or engraving is widely accepted and admired. It adds a unique beauty to the bands


  • Customized rings

The popularity of the customized rings is obvious. These rings not only help you in standing out of the crowd but are also an excellent way to express your emotions. In addition to the design, pattern, and material combinations, people also like to engrave special messages.


  • Multi-stone arrangements

These rings were a popular trend in the past and are making a solid comeback this year. The engagement ring of the Duchess of Sussex is proof of the comeback. It is an interesting twist to the traditional style rings. Stones or diamonds of different sizes are aesthetically arranged to create an adorable piece.


  • Oval cuts

Oval cut diamonds and gems are in increasing demand. They are elegant and provide an elongation to the fingers and hands. These rings are very flattery and are endured by many celebrities.


  • Dress rings

These rings are the most unique and celebrated expression of style. These are mostly focused on a stunning central stone. This is accompanied by large metalwork which may have smaller gems studded on it.


  • Halo rings

The unique feature of the halo rings is their encrusted design. It makes the central stone or diamond looks bigger. This illusion attracts many couples to choose halo rings. The effect can be enhanced by using different shapes.



  • Lab diamonds


Lab diamonds are an obvious choice for nature-loving couples. These diamonds are created in labs and do not need any kind of mining. This causes the least impact on the earth and makes these diamonds unique.



  • Inspired by celebrity


Every bride is not less than a celebrity and deserves the glitz and glam that of a star. People now a day are going that extra mile to bring the most celebrated ring to their ladies and make them feel special.



  • Minimalistic rings


The ‘less is more’ trend is back and is here to stay. Minimalistic rings are becoming popular as they can be paired with striking gems to boost the style game. These rings make a statement about your style and uniqueness in the most subtle way.

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