The Earring Stacking Trend – It’s Sticking Around!

It’s definitely one of the biggest trends to hit the jewellery world in recent years. Seen on fashionistas from Paris to Sydney this fascinating accessory trend is showing no signs of disappearing. Whether you choose to stack necklaces, bracelets or earrings, jewellery stacking has definitely become a ‘thing’.

The art of mixing, layering and stacking jewellery pieces creates an incredible way to showcase your personality and express your individuality. Harking back to the stacking trend of the hippie era 60’s and 70’s it’s stacking but with a twist. Nowadays, the way you choose to stack your jewellery is a little different. Sure you can hang a few strands of Peace beads around your neck, but today’s stacking trend goes so much further. 

And one of the biggest jewellery stacking crazes to take off in recent years is ear stack curation. With body piercing and body art in general gaining popularity in recent years, the less obvious but still edgy ear piercing craze and creation of earring stacks has really taken hold.

Are You A Minimalist Or Maximalist?

Multiple ear piercing allows you to have some fun with stacking various types of earrings to create ear fashion that is individually you. You may be a minimalist and choose only two or three small earrings that show off your style in a classic but simple and effective ear stack. A slim huggie hoop, and a couple of small studs will suffice.

Or perhaps you are a maximalist, which means for you to express your individuality you love creating a full ear of piercings that include lobe, conch and helix piercings, your attitude is ‘the more the merrier’. Your earring stack will likely include hoops, thread through earrings, and charm hoop earrings as well as several small studs. 

Whatever your style, minimalist or maximalist, you can find the most amazingly varied range of earrings to play with while having fun creating your perfect earring stack. For instance, using different hoop styles from huggies to bigger bolder hoops, earring studs, ear cuffs and even dangle earrings to create wonderfully curated ear stacks that reflect your personality. You can create a thing of beauty and have a  whole lot of fun doing it. 

How To Create Your Stack

Nowadays, the creation of an interesting earring stack is easy with such a variety of earrings to choose from. Contrasting metal colours and textures create the basis of your stack while interest can be added with different shapes like stars, drops, circles, flowers and geometric shapes. Adding in yet another dimension with colour and sparkle from gemstones gives expression to your personality through your earring stack.

Earring stacks can be asymmetric, try curating your stack differently in your right and left ears. One side can be pretty full on while the other ear is styled more simply. The mixed metal trend is also a perfect way to style your stack, mixing up gold and silver metal colours makes your stack even more individual. 

Or you can make a more classic statement by using updates of the earring styles you’ve always gone to, like interesting and unique baroque pearls or new geometric hoop styles earrings. For a shiny stack that is sure to turn heads, try a cluster of diamond simulant studs paired back with charm hoop earrings. 

No matter what your personal style is, the stacking trend expressed through your earring stack is a fun way to show off your individual style.

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