How to match clothes colors for a unique look

How to match clothes colors for a unique look

Knowing how to combine the colors of clothing can make the difference between a great or a terrible outfit.


The combination of colors in the world of fashion can be random and be established based on each person’s taste, but it also follows precise rules through which we can create looks and play with clothes. Get prepared for another cool sweaters collection with the right colors!

Colors, the style’s key

Combining colors is not always easy: sometimes it seems that certain combinations are strictly prohibited (such as blue and black), but then, depending on the hue and color tone, everything can change: for example, that black always combines with blue, if this is dark blue or electric blue.


Usually, there is a basic rule that can be useful to understand which color best fits another.

Steps to combine the colors of the clothes

The Itten circle consists of a central triangle divided into the three primary colors, namely blue, red and yellow, while in the adjacent areas there are secondary colors, derived from the fusion of two colors primary, which are green, orange and blue, purple.


The hexagon is surrounded by the different shades and gradations of these colors, combinable with the directly opposite.

From the Itten Circle that marks the theory of color, you can always succeed when you combine colors. In this way:


  • Never combine two garments that are colors of the same “category”, such as two primary or secondary colors
  • Never combine different shades of the same color together, since they are not of a clearly different tone. For example, red and yellow do not marry well together.
  • Never combine more than three different colors at the same time: instead, you can start by focusing on a basic color such as black, beige or white and then combine it with another base color plus a touch of bright color.


Basically, you can look at the circle and combine a color with its opposite on the dial. You will know then that you are getting it right, but you can also create many combinations.


Main combinations that can be made:

  • Light base color + light base color: for example, combining a beige color with an optical white or silver gray. The combination is very summery and elegant.
  • Light base color + dark base color: a beautiful combination between a white and a nautical blue, for a very summery marine style.
  • Dark base color + dark base color: black and gray, are recommended to combine with each other, but be careful because it is better to avoid these colors especially in the summer, and thus you will avoid the Morticia Addams effect. The brown color instead does not get along very well with black, unless you choose an accessory such as a belt or a bag in shades of the scalp, then the combination acquires elegance and refinement.
  • Light base color + bright color: excellent combination for example, the mixture of white and red, very summery!
  • Dark base color + bright color: very glamorous and for a bright night, combine a black with a fuchsia or a fluid yellow.
  • Light base color + dark base + bright color: if you have already combined a light base color like brown gray with a dark tint like leather, you can give it a touch of vivacity with a bright hue, such as Canary yellow or electric blue .
  • Dark base color + dark base color + bright color: with a light blue sweater and black pants or skirt, you can easily combine a silver or fuchsia accessory.

Combine clothing colors with your hair

On the other hand, it is important to understand what colors are best for us, since they combine well with our complexion and our hair. In this way:


If you are blonde, then you are in luck because almost all the colors that exist, except perhaps the beige colors will suit you. Even the bright colors and blue and black, will give you a more elegant and refined touch, for a very beautiful and elegant air.


If you have black hair, in general you will look good in light colors such as white, gold and silver, or you can dare with an explosion of bright colors, such as red, bright green and fuchsia . As for dark colors, pay attention to how you use blue, black or dark gray, as they could cushion the warm tones of your face and darken it.


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