7 Ways to Get a Better Cognitive Performance

Cognitive decline can be a frightening feeling especially for those with inherent cognitive degenerative disease in their family line. Maintaining a strong cognitive performance is essential in confidently completing many tasks from following a recipe, solving problems, and even socializing. Healthy cognitive functions are critical to living a full life and there are numerous ways to continue building your cognitive muscles. From introducing positive sleep habits, paying brain games, diet, exercise, and much more, many activities and routines exist to strengthen your cognition. Follow these 7 ways to get a better cognitive performance and you’ll find your brain feeling clearer, more focused, and stronger even as you age. 


It cannot be stressed enough how significant of a role sleep plays in our overall health. Getting enough sleep is the gateway to experiencing a life full of energy, low stress, and increased focus throughout the day. To encourage greater cognitive performance, getting enough sleep is key. Sleeping allows the body to experience a sort of “reset” and give your body the boost it needs to ramp up immunity, energy, and concentration. When the body lacks sleep, lethargy gets the best of us and our decision making is skewed, impaired, and simple problem solving can become challenging. Sleep 8-10 hours uninterrupted through the night is a must for those desiring to improve cognitive functions. Women may need a couple hours of sleep more than men due to several factors including hormonal changes. Begin creating positive sleep patterns by going to bed earlier, creating a cool and dark atmosphere to sleep in, and shutting off all technology including the phone and TV. 

2. Learn New Skills

One of the best ways to sharpen your brain function is to continue learning. Whether it be learning a new hobby, learning new educational material, or even learning how to play new games, the experience of learning new things is a strength building exercise for our brains. As we learn new things we expand our cognition and grow greater brain capacity. Learning doesn’t stop after a high school or college graduation. Mastering new skills as a habit should be a lifelong hobby. As you cultivate this mindset and routine of constant learning, you will see the strength your brain will continue to have even as you are growing older. 

3. Play Brain Games

Elevating and stimulating your cognitive muscles has never been more fun and easier than playing brain games. Brain games have the ability to rev up the learning muscles and problem solving functions in your brain to help you improve your overall cognitive function. There are a variety of brain games that include rubik’s cubes, word searches, sudoku, checkers, chess, solitaire, and many more. There are endless brain game apps that are available for download to train your mind throughout the day. 

4. Research Peptides

Peptide use for strengthening cognitive performance is continuously being studied in various subjects such as rats and mice and continues to show promise for future use. Semax, a peptide developed in Russia, was studied on mice and revealed brain regulatory capabilities. Brain peptides such as Selank, administered to mice in studies, showed a significant role in learning capacity. These peptides continue to be analyzed for their potential to boost cognitive strength. 

5. Exercise

Staying physically active is a tremendous contributor to getting better cognitive performance. Exercise is typically prescribed as a natural way to boost brain function and kick depression to the curb. Overall working out helps the body stay fit not only physically, but mentally, allowing individuals to look good, feel good, and have complete control over their thoughts and emotions. Start small with a simple 15 to 30 minute walk each day and you’ll begin noticing a decrease in brain fog and a heightened sense of confidence and control. The effect exercise has on our emotions plays an important part in boosting brain health.

6. Diet

There is nothing more detrimental to cognitive health than downing sugar and carbs. To further strengthen your cognitive performance, introducing healthy foods such as healthy fats, nuts, legumes, and berries is imperative. Try incorporating healthy foods into your diet and gradually removing toxic ingredients. Speak to your doctor further about which foods can help you. 

7. Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety is a top promoter of cognitive decline. It’s critical that those who are seeking to gain greater cognitive performance find ways to reduce stress in their daily life. This may mean building positive social friendships and interactions, removing yourself from unhealthy relationships, and finding hobbies and interests that bring you peace and joy. The less stress your brain has to process, the more you’ll be able to handle mentally. If you are experiencing overwhelming stress, seek help from your doctor and find regular support from others who care. 

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