An Interview with Chef Martin Lopez

An Interview with Chef Martin Lopez

We are sharing with our readers our recent interview with master Chef Martin Lopez. The term multi-talented perfectly fits him. He is a Professional Chef, Food Writer, Blogger and Culinary Journalist, Published Author, Culinary Ambassador for the Hispanic and Latin Community, TV Personality and Host.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to become a chef?

Chef Martin Lopez : Hello! Well first of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to reach out to your readers and viewers.

My mother was definitely the inspiration for me to become a professional chef I started to fall in love with cooking when I was a child, cooking with my mother in the kitchen growing up it’s an experience that I will never forget, that is why I encourage everybody to cook with her kids.


Pro Media Mag : How do you manage to make so much variety of dishes ? From where you get ideas and recipes?

Chef Martin Lopez : Being a chef its all about creating amazing dishes, for me being able to inspire people and to be able to create different dishes it’s an honor and it comes natural and its easy because I love what I do, there are many factors that inspired me to create my dishes and my recipes I think about food from the moment I wake up to that time I go to sleep. Produce inspires me, aromas inspire me, seasons inspire me, life inspires me.


Pro Media Mag : What was the reason behind launching ‘ChefMartin.Net’?

Chef Martin Lopez : We started in 2009 with the idea of creating this non-for profit site to share my passion for cooking with the community and people from around the globe, on this site people could share information about events and communicate on cooking trends, ingredients, cooking, ideas. It quickly became my main platform for my professional name.

Pro Media Mag : You have performed in a number TV shows, live public presentations and radio. ?

Chef Martin Lopez : Yes, that is correct, I am a regular TV Chef for CBS, I am very active on television with FOX, Univision, and working to cross over into Mexico with Televisa, I also do radio across the country and write food articles for many magazines and publications. I do live presentations I go across the country performing in culinary events and TV appearances, from Seattle, to Florida, from New York to California, Live presentations are my favorite because it gives me a chance to meet one on one with all my fans and people that share the same passion for cooking.

Pro Media Mag : How does it feel to be a famous chef, the one people trust and follow for recipes?

Chef Martin Lopez : it’s super humbling and a great feeling when people recognize me out of the street and say hello.

I became a chef for my passion for cooking and it is an honor and a responsibility to be able to have people trust me with their cooking.  Every time someone follows my recipe, make me feel proud that they can create something at home that I was able to inspire them to do. This comes with a huge responsibility as I have to be sure that the recipes I share are great, I want people to achieve enormous results. So it is for this reason we test all recipes and I try very hard to explain how its done step by step in a clear comprehensive way.


Pro Media Mag : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?

Chef Martin Lopez : My fan base by far!

I love my fans and It’s international, I have friends, followers and fans from across the world I have a huge audience in Latin countries and Mexico and I try really hard to create recipes and write them in Spanish additionally so I can include them on my daily postings and recipe sharing, Another very big achievement is my new TV show that will start to air on February 28 on Victoria Napolitano Shopping Network www.VNSN.TV  its going to be a fun show and I hope people can watch and get inspired in the kitchen.


Pro Media Mag : What up next ? Are you working on any new project?

Chef Martin Lopez : I set  goals every day in my professional career, right now I’m working on filming the 13 cooking episodes for my TV show, I am also working on my new book “MexiCAN Passion For Cooking with Chef Martin” this book will be to be out early this spring I am also working on Chef Martin Lopez Food and Kitchen line of Mexican Spices & Blends, Coffee, Moles, Sauces, Mexican kitchenware and some other amazing National and Imported products, people will be able to get these goods on line through our new online retail store that will be up and running also early in the spring,

Pro Media Mag :Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you online?

Chef Martin Lopez : Yes, very much so, people can connect and reach me there.

I use Twitter for quick fast updates and postings of what I’m doing on a daily basis

Facebook I shared more detailed information, recipes, upcoming shows, images, events, that kind of stuff.

Instagram I like to share images of my food, people, places that I visit overall just fun and yummy images.  is where my team consolidate all the information and all the details about events presentations recipes etc.

Thank you everyone and thank you for this great interview.


Looking forward to connect with all of you and Happy Cooking!

Chef Martin.

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