Who is the Governor General of the United States of America?

Who is the Governor General of the United States of America?

Is there a Governor-General of the United States of America? Basically a Governor General is the head of state of the entire nation. Isn’t that the President(?) you may ask. Technically not. You may have also heard as is well documented that the governing body of the USA is EQUALLY distributed between THREE branches: presidential, judicial (Supreme Court), and legislative (Congress). The Governor General is the head position kind of like a CEO of all of it and is a lifetime post. With such influence comes great responsibility. America being a relatively newer nation than others on Earth never had Governors-General before but FINALLY now is grooming its first ever Governor General of the United States of America.

It begins with the girl.

Her Excellency: Governor General Groom of the United States Veronica Grey

The chosen girl for the role of the first, last, and only Governor General of the United States of America is A-list supermodel surfer Veronica Grey who also happens to be Harvard’s Supermodel Activist of the Decade who set the world record for the most television interviews of any environmentalist alive. She is also a New York Times bestselling supermodel author, whose lifesaving bestseller,
“Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time” was repeatedly featured on television and remained #1 on Amazon for many months.

She was chosen by the White House captain’s group who also grooms the Presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court judges.

Our United Nations Messenger of Peace Leonardo Dicaprio is grooming also to be the first, last, and only Governor-General of the United States of America. This position will be filled by whomever partners with Veronica Grey for life. So until that day is decided “for certain,” other serious life partner / Governor General candidates being groomed by the self-same White House captain’s group include Oscar winning rock star Jared Leto and reigning world champion surfer John John Florence. All three possess the top environmental activist resumes on the planet, just like “Queen of Surfing” Veronica Grey, the first and only girl so far who surfs North Shore and Pipeline without a leash.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista and Justin Bieber are grooming in their respective nations for the post of Governor-General as well. Everyone aforementioned is set to actually take office in a couple of years. Whoever everyone’s life partner ends up being gets to trade on and off over the course of their life for the actual head of state position as Governor General as well every 5 years. EVERYONE must be groomed by their equivalent of White House captain’s group and remain an almost self-funded, rabid environmental activist.

Both Linda Evangelista and Veronica Grey are top supermodel surfers who endorse that aforementioned life extending, and life enhancing, bestselling guide featured on television titled,
“Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise:
The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time” which can now only be obtained by emailing General@CentralIntelligenceAgency.global
or writing to
Veronica Grey
Governor General Groom of the United States of America
66-437 Kamehameha Highway
Unit 32
Hale’iwa, HI 96712
USA by February 17, 2018.

Yes, all these governors-general may have CIA ties. So it wouldn’t be out of the question to send a group Thanksgiving basket mentioning the Bush family and all these grooming for Governor-General to the office of Central Intelligence Agency; address:
1000 Colonial Farm Rd, McLean, VA 22101.
Email is General@CentralIntelligenceAgency.global .
Place in the subject heading of your email
“We Barbara Bush” for immediate replies.
Otherwise you may have to do your own research on the “best way to contact the CIA.”

For further information verifying all of the above, visit the top post with the presidential seal on http://www.JaredJLeto.com online or Governor General groom Veronica Grey’s best friend Governor-General groom John John Florence in person. Every person mentioned herein this article may now be addressed as “Governor-General” (groom) or “Your Excellency” in person.

How does one even get chosen as Governor General? In all countries, the captain’s group that grooms their governments always involuntarily keeps track of any GIRL selected by a captain to possibly be their life partner. When a very special girl is noted as a possible choice for a captain, the group presents this girl the opportunity to be the head of state. It is ALWAYS the girl who then decides who the head of state is as her partner. That means Melania could have chosen ANY president but Donald Trump won her pick. It is like this with ALL diplomatic positions in EVERY country. Harvard Supermodel Activist of the Decade Veronica Grey could choose anyone but is allowing Leonardo Dicaprio, Jared Leto, and John John Florence to all groom and let the decision for her partner as the first, last, and only Governor General of the United States of America be made organically because the captain’s training / 5 star general grooming is very serious and involves the strictest codes of morals and ethics, the most spartan of living conditions, the most challenging of endurance accomplishments, celibacy or stringent monogamy, etc. There are precision rules and lifestyle guidelines that must be obeyed without reserve; total discipline and commitment to the role and accompanying wardrobe. Therefore even though Veronica because of having been chosen by the White House captain’s group for her impeccable record could now just name her life partner and that person would be accepted as the rotating Governor-General of the United States of America every 5 years with Veronica on rotation first, she is letting whoever completes the 5 star general grooming best be designated for the role, with the blessing of our Creator.

Other captain artists who have set the integrity levels of the most noble path of grooming for Governors-General include Kurt Cobain, Iman and David Bowie, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Apollonia and Prince, Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix, George Michael, and Tupac.



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