Travelling through time in the National Capital

Travelling through time in the National Capital


Delhi Darbar

In Delhi, one can travel between different eras and ages. Cut to the current age and step aboard the sleek and efficient metro and a state-of -the art airport with several terminals built to match the standards of any international airport, or step backwards and go down the narrow alleys and by-lanes where sellers lure travellers with sacks of spices and jewellers weighing gold on dusty scales. One can get a taste of the authentic cuisine which could leave one with an indelible experience and also shop for clothes and impressive artificial jewellery for a steal. Delhi offers a feel of the architectural marvels with its colonial structures and Moghul era landmarks. With its parliament buildings reflective of the colonial-era and its love for high tea the city gives a hint about the composition of the social life too. The satellite cities of Gurgaon and Noida have sky-scraping offices and glitzy malls which reflect the modernity that is fast catching up.

Something for everyone – Official, Tourist and Business

This pulsating city is arguably one of the busiest cities with its popularity picking up as a tourist destination, business metro and a hub for the growing IT industry.

The city has a rich fabric in which are woven moments of pure beauty and experience – architectural sites, temples, ravaged building, food and shopping. The city has vestiges of lost empires and cultures in every alley and neighbourhood. Experiencing Delhi is like travelling through a country itself. The Qutb Minar, Purana Quila, Chandini Chowk, Red Fort there is so much to savour of Delhi, you could not pack all of it in a day. A business traveller could probably find just about time to squeeze in one or two attractions to catch his flight back on time.

From the epi centre to the airport

There is no doubt that Delhi is a chaotic city with increased vehicle population hampering travel plans for all and sundry. One of the unsurmountable journeys in Delhi is the airport run which needs to be planned effectively or one well might miss that flight, one is scheduled to board.

When looking for airport cab Delhi one can now pick self drive cars which eradicate the inconveniences of travellers. A taxi to airport which one can keep for the duration of the stay has an added advantage as it leaves one free to explore the many experiences the city has to offer. Service providers like Zoomcar are making it easy to hire self-drive cars in the Capital, giving travellers the opportunity to make the most of every trip to this enchanting city.

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