How to tie basketball shoes for ankle support

How to tie basketball shoes for ankle support

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Basketball, a popular sport where you can show your fast movement with skill. This sport is all about jumping and running and playing cut with the ball. So you can guess, this game fully depends on the speed and movement of your feet. There are many kinds of basketball shoes in the market but you have to select a perfect basketball shoe that will protect your feet especially your ankle. In this article this important topic how to tie basketball shoes for ankle support is chosen will be discussed. If you are new in basketball sports than read it carefully.


Basketball Shoe:

A basketball shoe is playing very important role in sports. In this sport your feet especially ankle tends to get injured. This sport is all about skill and movement. So you have to own a shoe that will support your ankle from getting the injury.

While choosing basketball shoe you have to consider some facts:

  •    Comfort:

While selecting any shoe, comfort has to be the first priority. Because you cannot play with the uncomfortable feeling.

  •    Branded shoe:

Yes, for sports it is wise to select a brand shoe. Because in a brand shoe you will get comfort, quality altogether. So go for a branded shoe for better performance.

  •    Support:

The most sensitive part of our feet is ankle and heel. They need the most support and protection. Pick the basketball shoe that has extra protection feature to protect your heel and ankle.

  •    Quality:

With quality shoe, your feet will enjoy comfort and support. Because quality shoe protects your feet from any sudden injury and will help you to move fast.

  •    Long lasting:

Your shoe has to give you support in your sports. But if you go for cheap quality than you have to stop playing in the middle of the sport. Because cheap shoe doesn’t last long.

  •    Shoe Sole:

A basketball shoe must have a strong sole. This sole will allow you to move fast and run with force. A good sole allows to hold a strong grip and run with speed in a sport. You will not face sudden slip or fall with a good shoe sole.

  •    Proper fit:

The shoe has to be a proper fit. Because too loose or fitting is not proper for your feet. You will face pain in an arch.

You have to consider all the above factors while picking a perfect basketball shoe. This will help you to play with confidence.

Now after picking the perfect basketball shoe, you have to know how to tie basketball shoes for ankle support. Let’s know the steps of tying the shoe.

There is a term in basketball sports pronation. It comes in three terms, low pronation, mild pronation, and overpronation. In basketball play, overpronation happens often. By this your ankle gets weak and you may face sudden ankle twist while running or walking. So in basketball play, you have to wear a shoe that ensures suitable ankle support. The shoe with high-top style is perfect for supporting your ankle. But it is not possible to wear high-tops all the time. The shoe with low ankle support can be turned into high top ankle support by using lace. With lace, you can tie the shoe to support the ankle.

The steps of lacing the shoe for ankle support:


  •    First, place the shoe and start to lace it.
  •    Lace the shoes normally, but you have to work with last two holes.
  •    When you are fastening running shoes, you have to use the two holes side-by-side. You have to avoid the top lip of the shoe.
  •    Make a cross of the lace and cord them from the below of the first hole. Pull out the lace from the hole and don’t cross them.
  •    Put every lace side by side in the second hole. The look of the lace will look like embroidery stitch.
  •    Now take the end of the right lace and use it through the left stitch. Then use the left one through the right stitch. By this, the sides of the shoe will come close and cover the ankle.
  •    It is time to wear the shoe and tight the lace. Do tie it to your comfort level. Always tie a single knot with the laces.
  •    Try to make a loop with the lace end that suits your comfort level. Use your thumb and index finger, then wrap it with the lace end. Wrap twice and use both fingers.
  •    The remaining lace will be pushed in the space between thumb and index finger. Then pull the lace through it and complete the tie.


This is the simple steps that will keep your ankle safe with support.

As a basketball player, you have to know how to tie basketball shoes for ankle support. Because protecting your ankle is the most important thing as a player. If you suffer from ankle sprain than your playing duration will suffer. Sometimes the sprain does so damage that it may end your playing career.  So pick the right pair of shoes to protect your ankle. Also, you will need constancy, the accurate fit, grip, and support. To know about more basketball shoes, go with some experts and follow their guidance. It will be the best guidance for you. Hope this little article will help you to keep your ankle safe with care by using the knot. The high top shoe is not necessary. You can go for any best youth basketball shoes.

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