4 Tips To Help You Add And Maintain The Color Of Your Hair

4 Tips To Help You Add And Maintain The Color Of Your Hair


Coloring the hair is a good way to add a distinct look to your appearance. And by ensuring that your hair is colored and maintained the right way, you can get the maximum benefit from the process. Below, we look at four tips that can help you with this.

Lowlights And Highlights

Getting your hair colored is not just about changing the color of the hair. Instead, it is about adding shades of the same color in a way that they blend in with the natural hair color and create a more mesmerizing look. You need to add highlight colors that are lighter in shade than the normal hair, and also add in lowlight colors which are darker than the regular color of the hair. A good hairstylist will easily be able to add multiple shades to your hair coloring. So, be sure to talk to them about this.

Good Conditioning

If the hair does not look healthy, then the brunette color will not look as spectacular as it should. And this is why you must use a hair conditioner. Doing so will nourish the hair and give it a shine that will let the color express itself in a dazzling way. Plus, it will also make the hair stronger and protect it from breakage.

Think Of The Grays

For older women, gray hair can be a problem since it creates an unappealing impact on the otherwise gorgeous looking hair. If you have used only a single shade of color on your hair, then taking care of the gray hair wouldn’t be too much of an issue since you only have to color the new growth with a single shade of color. However, if you have used multiple shades of color, then you may need professional help in correctly coloring over the new gray hairs.

Beware Of Heating

Heating can affect the way your colored hair looks. Apply excessive heat to the hair, and the fibers will start breaking off. And depending on how much hair you lose, the overall effect created by the hair color can dampen. The only way to make the colored portions look livelier will be to color it once again. So, if you don’t want to bear the additional costs of coloring your hair due to such damage, then try not to apply too much heat on your hair.

In addition to the above, the way your hair is cut will also help you accentuate the effects of hair colors. So, check out websites like https://www.headcurve.com/women/brunette-hairstyles/, which contain hundreds of references you can use to decide how you want the hair to be cut and colored. And be sure to keep the above points in mind when coloring your hair or taking care of it.

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