Scalp Buildup: Causes & Solution

Scalp Buildup: Causes & Solution

Scalp is one of the most ignored part of our body. We put all our efforts to take care of our hair without keeping in mind, it’s actually scalp that’s holding the hair. We actually need to take care of our scalp to keep our hair healthy. Just like our facial skin our scalp skin is sensitive too. We can’t just put all kinds of shampoos and hair products on our head. Some of these products can prove to be damaging for your scalp. And the end result is baldness or damaged hair.

Since ancient time man is putting oil on our hair. So if we will tell you that oil can prove to be the key factor in scalp related issue most of you might not believe it. But that’s 100% correct. Yes, our forefathers use to put on oil and do other natural remedies to our hair. But they were not using shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair colors and such other products on their hair as well. They were not spending hours and hours in front of radiation omitting devices either. They were not using hair dryers and hair straighteners. So time has changed now. You are mixing up dozens of hair products on your scalp. Most of the times these products along with oily products mix up and results in damaging your hair and scalp.

That’s a reason we put in for a non scientific or layman. But scientifically speaking you are going towards scalp buildup. All the hair care products you have been using along with dead skin cells, oil and sweat causes scalp buildup. If scalp buildup is not treated in time, it can trigger follicles buildup clog and result in hair fall. It can also lead towards inflammation and infection on your scalp. Now you must be wondering how to remove buildup from the scalp. Before going towards the solution let’s discuss the scalp buildup causes a bit more deeply.

Our scalp emits a waxy oil substance called sebum. Their are glands beneath the skin those are responsible for producing and balancing sebum. If sebum is produced more than the required quantity it can create crusty patches on yous scalp.

Follicles is a “sheath of cells and connective tissue which surrounds the root of a hair“. You might be aware that everyone has a kind of fungus named ” malasezzia furfur “on his scalp. It all starts when fungus, yeast, and bacteria mix with sebum inside the hair follicles. Means if you are having hormonal and other imbalance fungus on your scalp can result in dandruff or seborrhea. So these factors are behind the scalp buildup. And as we have mentioned earlier scalp skin is as sensitive as your facial skin so inflammation and clog buildup can sometime result in scalp pimple. And mind you that’s one of the worst situation you don’t wanna get into.

So after going through the reasons behind the scalp buildup we have come to the point where we should look into the solution. It’s time to let you know how to get rid of scalp pimples and scalp buildup.

To get rid of such situation you actually need a hair product or shampoo that can deep clean the hair roots, open clogged hair follicles and restore the PH balance of the scalp. A product with purifying Herbs & Zinc with the PCA can be very effective. As we have mentioned earlier PH balance of your overall head is very crucial to keep your skin protective of fungus. A product that can maintain your PH balance can do the wonders. Your sebum will be in balance and that’s where everything started. And if your hair follicles are no more clogged you wont face any scalp build or scalp pimples at all.

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