Inspiring and Beautiful Wall Mounted Storage Box for Jewelry

Inspiring and Beautiful Wall Mounted Storage Box for Jewelry

I recently came across a beautiful Wall Mounted Storage Box for jewelry. It’s made with PU leather sewn over a wooden frame.The edges of the box are lined with magnets to stay in place when closed. The interior is softly lined with flannel fabric with loop velcro for easier attachment of necklaces, bangles etc. Back is lined with four strips of hook velcro for easy attachment to any surface.

The box can easily fit into a medium size bank locker however it is advised that the dimensions be checked before carting.

Has three partition compartments to accommodate jewelry such as rings tops chain etc. The lowest compartment accommodates earrings very easily and is also detachable. You can Order the Wall Mounted Storage Box Here.

Abigail NavarroAbigail Navarro the creator of the wall mounted storage box for jewelry is a Trinidadian born entrepreneur. Her hopes for this product are to solve busy people’s messy problems worldwide. The Idea was born from a need to resolve 4 issues; saving space and time while adding to the décor and being light weight enough for travel. She is motivated by the need to see happy and satisfied customers grow in numbers. She is excited to introduce new designs and colors in future production.


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