Sexy yet comfortable handmade designs by Blue Candies

Sexy yet comfortable handmade designs by Blue Candies


Are you looking for something hot, sexy yet comfortable to wear? Yes you ought to, as most of the women love being comfortable, and love feeling sexy. But in case of apparel its hard to find something that combines both features. If something is made sexy its not comfortable to wear for everyone. And normal comfortable dresses are usually simple not sexy. But recently a Clothing line Blue Candies thought about combining sexy and comfortable.

Blue Candies is a clothing brand by an expert and versatile fashion designer ‘Kimber Crutcher’. She came up with this unique idea of focusing on comfortable side of sexy apparel. Her designs have bold designs, attractive colors and comfy fit that brings out an air of sexiness. These handmade designs are a perfect alternative to your traditional cut and sew designs.

Blue CandiesAlthough all the designs by Blue Candies are fabulous but the one took my attention first was Blue Candies Original Design Handmade Capri Set with Matching Halter. Available in a reasonable price of $165 is surely a creative piece of work by the designer. The designs do justice with the main idea behind blue candies creations, Comfort and sexiness clearly visible.

More such designs and an option of custom made designs for you is available at Blue Candies website. It also contains blog to share with you fashion tips, updates and ideas.

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