Interview with Yan Li And Dwaraka the men behind upcoming short film “JQK&A”

Interview with Yan Li And Dwaraka the men behind upcoming short film “JQK&A”

The Short Film “ JQK&A” directed and produced by Yan Li and co-produced by Dwaraka Phalgun Guttikonda is set for its debut this fall. So before it’s release we got an opportunity to have a conversation with Yan Li (Adam) and Dwaraka.

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Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Adam: Yan Li, a Chinese filmmaker living in LA. Director and the producer of this film.
Dwaraka: I am Dwaraka Phalgun Guttikonda I am actor & Co-Producer of this film.

Pro Media Mag : How did you two meet up for this exciting project?
Adam: We met up at the Hudson Theatre, where Dwaraka played the role of “katurian” in a show. I was attracted to his performance, so the idea of including him in my film came up.
Dwaraka: I was acting in the Play of “Pillowman” at the Hudson Theatre.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the inspiration behind “JQK&A”?
Adam: The good and the bad characters are too extreme in some of the police theme movies, which makes plot boring and predictable. It seemed that Joker was manipulating everybody, however, he represented the under class citizens, rebelling and revenging towards those so-called upper-class society. Nowadays, we live in the society regulated by law, however, law was never made by ordinary citizens. Sometimes, the authorities could use law to leverage and adjust the social balance. Such social conflicts is the theme of this movie.
Dwaraka: To make a short film which stands out among other in terms of cinematic value and also to test out our capabilities to bring out the best of us with all the limited constraints in terms of Craft & Finance.

Pro Media Mag : How was your experience working together on the sets of this short film?
Adam: We had foreseen a lot of the upcoming potential difficulties before shooting,  even though  it was our first time working together, the whole process still worked out smoothly.
Dwaraka:It was really fun all the cast and crew were amazing. To bring the best in the very limited time & budget. We brought the good quality out of it.

Pro Media Mag : Dwaraka as lead character, was it easy to work under the direction of Yan Li ? (Vice-Versa)
Adam: Dwaraka is really a good actor, who was fully committed to the project. He has his own requirement to his acting and the story, so we discussed a lot about the plot and the scene.

Dwaraka: Adam has a very keen observation on the craft. He knows what he wants. Its easy as an actor to blend into the circumstance. He brings out the best out for the any given situation.

Pro Media Mag : The film will be released worldwide?
This is a limited release for chosen audience.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you are expecting from the release?
Adam: I wish the film might bring a different view of the social problems.
Dwaraka: A positive response so we could

Pro Media Mag : Any plan of working together once again?
Adam: We may created a feature version of the “J Q K&A” , in order to lengthen and deepen the theme we would like to deliver to the audiences.
Dwaraka: Apart from this we involved in several other projects which we cannot disclose at the moment.

Pro Media Mag : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you?
Adam: Facebook : Instagram: yanli_adam

Dwaraka: On facebook :

Please do consider this additional information.
We are in the process of acquiring the Hollywood films to get them distributed overseas. this should be happening very soon in coming months we have a full fledged action plan. We are already in talk with few production companies here in Los Angeles

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