Trumpetlady ‘Syreeta Thompson’ Talks About Her Recent Project ‘Winner’

Trumpetlady ‘Syreeta Thompson’ Talks About Her Recent Project ‘Winner’

Syreeta Thompson known by the name ‘Trumpetlady’ has recently released her Album ‘Winner’. Her Album has received extra ordinary response. We recently had conversation with her about her Album, her life and upcoming projects.

Syreeta Thompson

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Syreeta Thompson : Hey there readers ” My name is Syreeta Thompson AKA Trumpetlady!

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Syreeta Thompson : My music career very early at the nine years old. I started playing the clarinet and I couldn’t get past a certain note loll! So, then I picked up the trumpet and LOVED the way I could change the sound of the horn. I noticed at an early age that trumpet has many emotions. I could actually make the trumpet sound “sad” or “happy” it then became a matter of exploring the development of those sounds through practicing. My mom told me she wasn’t going to keep buying instruments loll! So, I was serious about playing the trumpet I had to take my instrument to church EVERY Sunday. I began to take my trumpet to church and try to play but I only knew “ONE” note! So, that sounded really bad! Loll! After church I would try to play songs I heard on the radio. That sounded Bad as well! Loll! I began playing in middle school concert band, high school jazz band and orchestra. I realized I wasn’t very good in math and science so music became my passion. My mother enrolled me into private lessons at Sherwood Conservatory; Chicago, IL there I studied classical trumpet.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your project “Winner”?
Syreeta Thompson : Winner is a body of work the is comprised of singing, trumpet playing, grooves, lyrical speaking which encompasses arts education. I wanted to record a body of work to help inspire the next generation through music. My over all goals are to inspire the next generation and individuals to go after their dreams without hesitation. Also, believe in your dreams, don’t stop and don’t quit no matter what the obstacle.


Pro Media Mag : How is the response to your Album.
Syreeta Thompson : Amazingly the response had EXTREMLY well. The blogging community and the Arts Education community have really embraced this non-traditional body of work. The sales are going very well and I’m very thankful and grateful for all of the support.

Pro Media Mag : Do you think Education helped you improved your skills even more?
Syreeta Thompson : My masters’ degree is in Jazz composition and arranging. While recording this record I was able to incorporate my arranging skills. Most times I’m not aware that I’m utilizing learned skills because it comes natural for me.

Pro Media Mag : You are known as Trumpet Lady,How did you developed so much skills in it ?
Syreeta Thompson : My skills have developed over the years of practicing at least
four to six hours of day. Lately, I normally practice at least two hours per day reviewing scales, long tones and technique. I also exercise five days per week. I run three to four miles twice per week and quite a bit of toning.

Pro Media Mag : What’s you favorite music genre?
Syreeta Thompson :  I love jazz, trap, gospel, soul, classical and R&B

Pro Media Mag : You have shared the stage with so many renowned artists. Any artist you would like to work with? ?
Syreeta Thompson : I would love to work with Alicia Keys, Neyo, Pharrell, Michael Buble, David Foster and John Legend. That would be a dream come true. I’m in awe of the natural creative flow for music

Pro Media Mag : What is the biggest achievement in your career so far?
Syreeta Thompson : I would say my two biggest achievements thus far would be hosting a invitation CD release party at New Jersey Performing Arts Center; one of the premier music institutions on the east coast. Also, being a billboard-charting artist for nine consistent weeks

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