Get The Same Jersey Worn By Second-Most Score Points Scorer Karl Malone

Get The Same Jersey Worn By Second-Most Score Points Scorer Karl Malone

Karl Malone is one of those basketball players who have plenty of fan following largely due to the skills and achievement in the game. Best way to show the love as a fan is to wear the player’s name on your dress. What if you are given an option to wear the exactly same jersey wore by your hero? Isn’t it a cool idea. brings you an opportunity to get the same jersey that Karl Malone wore back as a team player for the USA.


His die hard fans will know all about his achievements and expertise in the basketball. But as a reminder and to refresh your memory here is a short glimpse about Karl Malone.

Getting into the NBA is difficult enough for many aspiring basketball players. It takes great skill and luck to stand out from the rest and be able to compete with the sport’s finest. But it also takes an especially talented athlete to make a record that no one else could beat—such was Karl Malone back at the time when he was still active as a member of the NBA.

Dubbed the “Mailman” for his high performance plays back in college, Malone lives up to the reputation in the NBA by becoming one of the sport’s 50 greatest players of all time based on overall record.

Malone was a 2-time Most Valuable Player of the NBA, a title not commonly given to any sportsman of basketball. In addition, he is also a 14-time member of the NBA All-Star and an 11-time member of the All-NBA first team.

However, Malone’s most resounding title was as the player who made the second-most score points throughout his career in the NBA, following only on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Other record note-worthy of Malone’s is his record for having the most number of shots thrown relative to the number of shots made.

Like Kobe Bryant, Malone holds the same record as the basketball player who got elected the most for the All-NBA inclusion.

Yet perhaps Karl Malone’s title as one of the greatest power forward in the sport makes him one of the most significant player of the sport in all its history.

But looking back to the legendary sportsman’s history, Karl Malone was once a college student and a varsity player too like many other professional players like himself was. Specifically, Malone was a player for the Louisiana Tech University with the Bulldogs team.

Having known Malone’s record in the NBA, it does not come as a surprise to know that the solid foundation which led him to professional basketball has one fixed point in college.

For one, his very inclusion with the Lousiana Bulldogs caused the team to make it into the NCAA Tournament in 1984, a first record in the university’s history. This is then followed by a first-place ranking in the Southland Conference in the next year after the event of the NCAA Tournament.

Trying to give back to the university where he hailed from after retiring from the NBA soon afterwards, Malone is now a staff of the Bulldogs team which he once a varsity played with.

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