Novel Ideas for Making and Selling Unique Jewelry Statement Pieces

Have you looked around the Web lately for unique statement pieces without much luck? Big and bold is back again in 2018 and the bolder, the better. If you have a bit of talent and a flair for fashion, why not make and sell your own jewelry – statement pieces unlike any you’ll find online? Here are a few novel ideas for creating some awesome jewelry and, believe it or not, some are made in ways you’d never expect!

Welded Jewelry Is a Novel Twist on Statement Pieces

Don’t fall into the stereotypical trap of thinking that only men can weld. This is just not so! There are plenty of women welders out there and even novice welders can learn to make some delightfully artistic jewelry. Of course, you’ll want to observe all the safety guidelines when welding such as only working in well ventilated areas and only working in approved safety rated gear. Check out the Welding List to see how various safety gear are rated before deciding to embark on a project like this. Even so, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be forming and welding some of the most unique statement pieces anywhere. Just watch how quickly they sell!

Ropework and Beading

You will find that chokers are once again all the rage. Most are simply black velvet chokers with a metal chain latch at the back of the neck. Why not learn a few basic macramé knots and bead chokers with all-natural fibers like bamboo yarn? These are soft on the skin yet so very different from anything else on the market. Add a center bauble of some sort (remember to make it large if you are going for a statement piece) and then work your beads into the knots. You can have hours of fun creating new designs and these will sell like hotcakes – pardon the cliché.

Working with Silver and Gold Strands of Metal – Metalwork

This was a popular jewelry artform especially in the Renaissance. Metalwork is similar in appeal to welded jewelry, but it varies in that you can do filigree with gold or silver wire. You can make anything from rings to brooches, earrings and hair accessories but you will need to develop a few skills to learn to work well with these particular precious and semi-precious metals. You will want to keep them warm enough to mold but not too hot where the metal melts. That could be a disaster!

Fashionistas everywhere are looking for statement pieces which are ‘out of the ordinary’ and this is why you’ll have a ready-made market once you’ve created a sample of each piece you intend to produce. Also, no two pieces ever need to be alike, so you can create custom pieces as well. Whether you simply want to sell those statement pieces you’ve already designed or take orders for higher-priced custom pieces is up to you, but don’t forget to set up a web page or join a marketplace like Amazon to promote your new line of hot-selling jewelry statement pieces. You won’t be disappointed by the market. That’s for sure.

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