An Interview With Social Media Influencer John Deeprose

An Interview With Social Media Influencer John Deeprose

Pro Media Mag : You’re getting to be a bit of a name in the pet social media industry and your rise has been nothing short of meteoric, to what do you attribute your success?
John Deeprose : If I’m successful it’s because I love what I do. Hard work and a lot of networking is paying off and I’ve been very lucky to work with some great people who believe in me.

Pro Media Mag : How do you see the pet industry developing?
John Deeprose : Those that successfully take their business to where people hang out (social media) will do ok. A high degree of collaboration is likely also, hence the emergence of social influencers. Advertisers and pet businesses want targeted audiences as website and product competition is fierce. Pet businesses that get it right online will sell products and services much the same as in many industries.

Pro Media Mag : What plans do you have for the future?
John Deeprose : I’m looking to further increase and use the influence I’ve built up to help businesses within the pet industry survive and thrive.

Pro Media Mag : Is it true that you don’t promote conflicting businesses however lucrative the deal that you are offered?
John Deeprose : My subscribers rely on my integrity when it comes to recommendations and I take this very seriously. I think it is professional courtesy to promote things that you believe to be of value. Loyalty to my clients and subscribers wouldn’t allow me to be compromised financially.

Pro Media Mag : You are also known for keeping things simple in business and are very private in your personal life. Is it true that you are a minimalist?
John Deeprose : My business philosophy is that I’m not going to distance myself from the smaller end of our industry and I don’t need a $10,000 website to justify how successful I am. My personal privacy is important to me. I live a simple lifestyle and value what I have. I would rather give value to things I care about than buy toys. I don’t collect stuff, no.

Pro Media Mag : Our researchers found that you battle with a pretty serious condition. Is it too personal to ask about your health? Does this affect the running of your substantial empire?
John Deeprose : I do have a condition and it’s the reason I work online more now. I work around it and it’s taught me about what’s important in life. I network furiously but take time to rest and keep my life and business simple and this helps. Being a victim isn’t in my make-up and letting my condition run my life isn’t an option I choose.

Pro Media Mag : Being a social influencer must be really cool?
John Deeprose : I’m just an ordinary guy who is genuinely grateful that people are interested in what I do. On a personal level I keep my life small and real. I don’t drink champagne and love dealing with the social media people, animal people and businesses that contact me. I don’t get carried away with my success and appreciate the opportunities that being an influencer has brought me.

Pro Media Mag : Who are your own personal influences?
John Deeprose : My partner Jo who is my rock. My Mum and the family and friends who are always there for me. On a business level I’m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins.

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