Leo Salom talks about his love and passion for music

Leo Salom talks about his love and passion for music

Leo Salom claims to spend about 150 days a year in the studio, he releases a new songs every month and is booked for about 100 performances a year, still he found time to open up to Spectre in a recent interview that touched on his influences, his mission as a DJ and the struggle to make something real in an ever-changing musical landscape.

“When I moved to L.A., I tried to produce pop records, but to be honest I did not know how to do it. I started doing my thing and building my brand. In the end it was successful, but in my own way. I realized that if you are completely independent, you have more power. “All pop stars are struggling to have great hits,” he said. “Taylor Swift just had to surrender the first position to Cardi B, a rapper, and then Post Malone, another rapper. … If five years ago you said that would happen, I’d never have believed you.”

Trends last very little, so I never wanted to trap myself into a genre. And it was a bit my strength: If you can be something more than a kind, then you’re successful.

It also opens the door to competition, which Leo says keeps him on his feet. As long as he’s having fun with the music, he promises he’ll keep going.

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