Interview with American singer-songwriter TIANA KOCHER

Interview with American singer-songwriter TIANA KOCHER

tiana kocher

We caught up with teen sensation TIANA KOCHER this week to find out what’s been happening since her move from Manila to the UK to LA.

Pro Media Mag: First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Tiana Kocher: Hey guys, what’s up, this is Tiana Kocher. I’m an artist born and raised in Manila, Philippines currently living in Los Angeles to pursue my dreams.

Pro Media Mag: Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Tiana Kocher: Growing up I was always exposed to the arts because my mom had me attend ballet classes and musical theatre camps, but ultimately, I always had the urge to perform so I’ve had the hunch since day 1 that I should be in the entertainment industry, but I only really took it seriously around 2 years ago.

Pro Media Mag: Tell us about your recent single release “PAINT THE TOWN”?
Tiana Kocher: So, I released my second single around a month ago. I’m really excited to be releasing this song because it was the first ever song I recorded in Los Angeles, so I’m really hyped for people to finally listen to it now.

Pro Media Mag: Where did you film the music video, and how did that creative direction come about?
Tiana Kocher: We filmed the video in Las Vegas because I briefly said something about Vegas in the song, so my team and I decided to film the video in Vegas after a listening session/meeting. It was actually so smooth and way too good to be true, after the meeting we booked hotels and transportation right away.

Pro Media Mag: What top 5 songs are on your current your play list?
Tiana Kocher: Homeboy – Jojo, DEJALO – Achal, Communication (feat. DRAM) – Arin Ray, On My Mind – Jorja Smith, Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell.

Pro Media Mag: What’s the best part of being a recording artist?
Tiana Kocher: As cliché as this sounds literally EVERYTHING. I get to do what I love as a job, what more can I ask for.

Pro Media Mag: What are your 2019 goals?
Tiana Kocher: I definitely want to go on tour and release my album, those are my number 1 priorities right now. Maybe even land a few brand partnerships as well!

Pro Media Mag: We understand that your next single is “SWING BATTER”. Is there a release date set for that yet so our readers can keep an ear out?
Tiana Kocher: It should be coming out soon! Make sure to be on the look-out for it!


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