Valentine’s Day is going to be “Sexclusive”!

Just as the Valentine’s day is approaching us Younk has prepared something special for its listeners: a music video release of a highly relatable song “Sexclusive” by Andyva.

The new track by a young artist on a rise has captured our attention with it’s catchy rhythm and meaningful lyrics, something that is so highly valued nowadays: the truth, the real stuff. While most of the world is getting covered in chocolate hearts and sweet love songs, Andyva took the courage to speak up and served us some “romantic” reality on this track.
Sexclusive is about dating in today’s world run by technology and instant results.
In an interview with Younk the artist shared some of the inspirations behind the track:
“Sexclusive is really about dating in society. You just swipe and you find what you are looking for”.
“If you use these apps you know what you are getting. Friends of mine they were hoping to find like a prince on the white horse all the time but eventually it was just a quick hook up”.
You just can’t argue with that. The hidden part, the sad reality that not so many are willing to actually talk about and the struggle of finding something meaningful and lasting.

The video itself has a very sexual and bold feel about it. That’s how the artist described it in the interview: “It’s got an old fashion feel but with new lighting techniques”, using a reference to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.
The lighting plays a big part in Sexclusive giving it a certain sexy charm.
Chancellor Warholt- the music video director told Younk:
“I wanted to make it real sexy but smooth you know. It’s almost like a peacock when you want the girl to be in your world and show her what you got…”
And he was able to show his idea perfectly kind of keeping the message “between the lights”.
The song itself represents a blend of a chill dance arrangement, sexy vocals and meaningful lyrics… something you don’t often hear in today’s music.
Kurt gefke (producer and art director) told Younk
“I mean it’s a throwback but it’s contemporary
It’s something that pretty much any generation can listen to”.
Despite the challenge of expressing all of the messages and hidden meanings in one music video the team was able to create a perfect visionary.
Even though Andyva is a brand new artist he showed his professionalism, talent and charisma which make the video really captivating.
An interesting fact is that the artist worked on all the outfits himself showing his great taste and style.

Stay tuned for more music and content.



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