Darshae Kiér offers new single ‘Trapped’

Darshae Kiér offers new single ‘Trapped’

Pop music has the power to resonate with the listeners on a different level that depends mostly on the creativity of the artists. Rising artist Darshae Kiér is taking the genre to its greatest height with his incredibly relatable and therapeutic melodies. He has recently released a brilliant track, ‘Trapped,’ that features a heart-rending lyrical illustration infused with an equally mesmerizing rhythmic flow. He talks about the truest emotions, making the song much more passionate and sensational to the audience. He has a soothing voice that he utilizes to the fullest to create a stunning melody.

Hailing from Miami, Darshae Kiér is making the world hum his incredible tunes and get in touch with their deepest emotions. Part of his 2022 ‘Gone’ EP, ‘Trapped,’ is about a person who is stuck in the reality of knowing the lust, deviance, and addiction he feels is wrong. One moment he is trying to find the rationality of the situation, but in the next, he is submitting to his craving. Other notable songs from the EP are ‘Soldja,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Money,’ ‘Desire,’ and ‘Gone.’ 

Make sure to check out Darshae Kiér’s catalog via Spotify and be part of the Darshaemania. Follow him on Instagram for real-time updates.

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