How to Choose And Use Shapewear When First Invest In?

How to Choose And Use Shapewear When First Invest In?

Shapewear is a foundation undergarment that helps to achieve a sculpted figure by shaping the waist, tummy and thigh. This easy-to-wear garment is made with stretchable and lightweight fabrics for all-day comfort. Shapewear can help to achieve a flawless silhouette without being on a diet or going to the gym. It helps to make clothes fit better, which instantly boosts confidence.

Many people think that the best affordable shapewear is only meant for certain attires but there are different types of shapewear for different outfits and different needs. Shapewear is not for special occasions and as a matter of fact, it can be worn every day for those who are looking for a smooth and sleeker appearance.

How To Choose And Use Shapewear

For those who have not tried wearing shapewear before, picking a suitable one can be a challenge. This is because shapewear comes in many sizes, types, designs and compression levels. Ahead are some guides on how to choose shapewear and styles for those who are planning to invest in it.

Choose The Right Size

The first step is to choose the correct size. Some think that a smaller size will give a more sculpted look but that is incorrect. Picking a size smaller may cause awkward bulges and uncomfortable to wear. Instead, choose shapewear with high compression that is made in your size.  If you wear a size Medium dress, then you should choose Medium size shapewear. 

Get To Know Your Body Shape 

The shape of your body plays a big role when it comes to choosing shapewear and how it fits. Everyone has a different body shape. It is crucial to shop for your specific body shape when picking shapewear. If you have a rectangle body shape where your shoulders and waist are almost the exact sizes but without a defined waist, high-waist shapewear or waist trainer is a good pick. You may need to consider if you are slim, medium or curvy because some shapewear work well on one body type and not the other. 

Pick The Right One For Your Target Area

Identify which area of your body needs smoothening and tucking in so that your clothes fit and drape better. Once you identify a specific area, you can easily choose suitable shapewear. Here is how to pick shapewear for different problem areas:

Full Body Shaping: When you want to have a smooth all-over look for a specific outfit, full-body shapewear or bodysuit is the ideal option. This type of shapewear is designed to give a flawless look and feel from your tummy, waistline, back, rear and thighs.

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Slimmer Waist: If you are looking to get a slimmer waist and smoother midsection, try high-waist shapewear like a shaper short. It holds the stomach up to the bra while tucking in those love handles and back fat to make your waist curvier and smoother.

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Slimmer Thigh: There is full-body shapewear that extends to the thighs. If you are specifically looking for something to slim the thighs, you can pick shapewear that focuses on that part alone like high-waist mid-shaper pants. They also give the waist and hips a smoother look.  

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Flatter Tummy: If you want to get rid of the belly fat, a waist trainer is an ideal shaping garment that helps to flatten the tummy and molds your waist and hips to form a more well-defined hourglass figure. A waist trainer can be worn during a workout to boost your shaping goal.

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All the above are available at Waistdear, one of the leading shapewear and waist trainer manufacturers that specialize in a wide range of undergarments that women can count on to help smooth those bumps and give a sleeker shape. 

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