How to open an autographs online shop using SacsCloud

How to open an autographs online shop using SacsCloud

Getting an autograph is always exciting.

Nowadays, you can open an online store using the SacsCloud model, the favorite ERP software for small businesses that wants to join to the ecommerce fest.

Have you ever wonder how to open an autographs online store? Here is one story using SacsCloud in Monterrey, México.

Sandra and Mike open an autographs online store using SacsCloud.

They opened an online page where they can sell autographs to any country and with a lots of categories like sports, celebrities, comics artists or members of the mexican pop culture, telenovelas stars and more.

“When someone gets an autograph, wants to owns an inspiring thing. Is like watching portraits or pictures. They give us a small part of a person that we admire.”

There are few stores online celebrity autographs and here we find an option to start one, using SacsCloud’s tool, a system that is generating great expectations in Latin America to organize the internal life of small shops in the ecommerce business.

Sacs Cloud helps in the most important part of a business: The organization.

It is not easy to have several important dates to keep in mind and receive automatic alerts give us comfort and eliminates the fear of forgetting a deadline or auction.

“With all the aspects that you have to handle, It is very common in this business to lost information. But in the moment you get in control, you starts to receive incomes. ”

With a system like Sacs Cloud, used for an autograph business online, the project manager tool let you know on time when an auction is approaching, the sales process and the status of bids and sells.

With the CRM tool, you take control of customer profiles, you keep records of purchase and you can send emails to remember a payment, the duration of the auction, et al.

With the sales tool you can create a website and offer the entire catalog of autographs including categories, new acquisitions or bargain prices.

If you are waiting for certificates of authenticity for your autograph, you can also see the tracking of purchase and the status of each product.

“Right know, the Sacs Cloud model are bringing us solutions for the day a day life in a online store”, said Sandra. If you want to know more about this system you just have to visit:

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