Facial Waxing at Home Versus Spa – A Comparison

Facial Waxing at Home Versus Spa – A Comparison

There is always a discussion on choosing between waxing at home and waxing at wax center. So I have chosen to put light on both scenarios here.

A lot of women are looking for the most effective methods, the best wax and the perfect results when facial waxing. If you take the time to investigate the top products and solutions out there, it will ultimately aid you in obtaining that smooth skin that you’re seeking. Based on the type and quality of wax, the waxing system and also the temperatures you are utilizing when waxing facial hair at home, the outcomes that you can expect will likely vary for each individual. In addition, based on your own hair type, the fullness, how rapidly it grows and numerous other factors, the facial hair waxing intervals will be different for each person.

In choosing the best waxing facial hair for women, considering the particular type of system you buy is among the most important elements to help keep in mind. The quality of wax, the strips, and the heating method, are all components of your waxing experience, and all have to be of high quality, to get the desired outcomes. How hot you get the wax up to is important to take into account. The warmer the wax, the better its going to apply to the skin. Warmer wax is also easier (and much less painful) at the point you pull off the strip.

The angle of your pull also has to be correct. While waxing, you have to make certain that you pull the hair follicle out from the root. To do this, you need to make sure that you pull it up in the opposite direction of it’s growth. This can be a lot more painful and this might be difficult to find use to it at first. At the point you master this method, not only is it going to become much less painful over time (due to the numbing effect it has over the area), but the procedure is going to be a lot quicker at the same time. It’s going to be quicker this way, in that you are pulling more hair out at once. More hair with every pull, equates to less pulls required to obtain the desired results with every strip.

The regularity, or how often you should wax, is an additional issue that all women need to consider. The quickness that the hair grows, and how thick (dark and visible) the hair is, will establish the best intervals between subsequent waxing. Each of these factors will contribute to how smooth you will get your skin after a waxing session, as well as how good the outcomes are whenever you choose to wax at in your home. Waxing at home seems a tough job? Now have a look on the other side.

Its always better and recommended to get your face or body waxed by a professional. As I am living in Manhattan and I know quite a few wax centers in Manhattan where you can get your facial or full body waxed in reasonable prices. As waxing done through professionals will always be effective for longer time as well as it will keep your skin smoother. Even I used to try waxing, particularly facial waxing at home but once I started to visit the best waxing places in Manhattan I stopped waxing at home. Yes you can do it in case of hurry or if there isn’t any wax center around, following the tips I had mentioned earlier but if there is a good spa around then you must prefer to get your facial done in a wax center.


And I forgot to mention there is always a risk of after effects or allergy or any skin issue when you try wax at home. You are not an expert in beauty and skin products. You are not properly familiar with waxing method either. Even if you have bought a very costly and quality product, still there are chances that it might not suit your skin. That may result in some kind of skin disease or rough skin. Its true that even some waxing centers might not have proper experts too but I know some good Spa in Manhattan. Not even a single bad experience I faced with them.

And there is another point I would like to add at the end. You may try facial wax or waxing arm or some other body parts at home. But still you cant wax your back or butt and other body parts. So for full body waxing you are bound to visit a waxing center. Its better to get an appointment from a wax center near you and experience the perfect waxing and smoother and glowing skin. I do trust the wax centers I visit here in Manhattan. As I have even seen celebrity facials in Manhattan‘s wax centers. Celebrities who can’t risk there skin and want it to be perfect do trust the wax centers here. So it makes my trust more stronger in wax centers.

Now I have put a complete scenario in front of you. So what will you chose now? Waxing at home or waxing at a spa? I always go with the second option.



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