Elude 2016 Fashion Show Oblivion, 3EB Segment

Elude 2016 Fashion Show Oblivion, 3EB Segment

Here we had a night of designers ranging from all different perspective in fashion. Coming together all under one roof tonight showcasing their work of art and creative pieces. Also what this made this all a wonderful night is we got to meet the designer of 3rdeye Brand, He mentioned this will be night a moment to remember. That is, we’ve got a chance to see an introduction from (3EB) 3rdeye Brand showing us their fashion sense to the Studio 48 audience in NYC. Now that March being that it is women’s history 3Eb uses this stage to celebrate women today’s looks, while presenting his idea 3EB builds its showcase collection around that. With its presentation on variety and original design of the women today.

elude3rdeye Brand displays a fashionable interpretation and expressed their point of view of Fashion Aesthetics. Its a breath of fresh wear is what best described 3rdeye Brand. By tonight’s collection of looks, 3EB focuses on a creative vision that seems to lean towards a woman sense of expression which concludes into desirable detail. Each piece was ranging from a mix of vibrant colors, abstract, and contemporary casual. During it all, the effect molded into an unique sense of creativity. Each model of the night which was key to the pieces also added their own personal flare and mystery that some would compare to as portraits rather than clothing.

As for Designer/Creative director Jean Fredeling mentions, throughout the past 2 months, He’s embraced and experienced which was the time it took to complete this line up and stated that this night would explain the difference from just clothes wearing as to actually feeling what you are wearing .. 3rdeye Brand brings together an artsy personality creating it fashionable connection. Finally, on the runway each piece I felt gave a message and once all came together and models walked off, the collection explained his story. Check these awesome photos of the night. Enjoy!!!!

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