Pacific Runway Fashion Is Going International

Pacific Runway Fashion Is Going International


Pacific Runway Fashion (PRF) have partnered with International platforms and now they are into international fashion arena. There are confirmed news that they  have officially secured partnership with representatives from Samoa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands and Tonga driving the event to a now international scale.

This partnership will surely play a vital role in international recognizance of this Australian fashion brand. The Pacific Runway Fashion has grown exponentially since its inaugural event just last year, with the involvement of more than 26 established and emerging designers in 2016.

The main event is scheduled to be held at Dockside Pavilion, Darling Harbour on the 21 October 2016. Before the actual event there will be an exclusive “welcome sneak-peek reception” for the designers where a partnership with the Australian Museum will be launched. The Australian Museum is joining forces with the Pacific Runway Fashion team to host the sneak peek event as a lead up to the main event. As part of the partnership, Australian museum is also offering an in-house residency program for one of the lucky participating designers this year.

Once can expect how much exceptional the main event will be. A combination of fashion, culture and music will bring Sydney’s iconic Pavilion Dockside roaring to life. It will provide designers a big opportunity and a solid platform to gain experience and exposure. It will feature local up and coming designers and models, and a host of international designers. So overall it will be a big night in life of these designers as well as for Pacific Runway Fashion brand.

Note: This the article was based on StarCentral magazine’s article

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