How to dress hot and remain classy

How to dress hot and remain classy

While trying to look sexy, women often reveal too much skin or wear something too flashy. However, they often forget that they can look sexy even if their skirt is not above the knees or their shirt exposes too much cleavage. There are ways to dress classy and still look hot; you just need to find balance.
Create a Balanced Look
In order to create a perfect look, you have to dress one part of your body at the time. This basically means focusing on the areas you find attractive and emphasizing them. If you have long legs and you want to show them off, a skirt and a pair of fancy high heels will do the job, but your should wear a top with longer sleeves or a blouse that is not cut low. Also, if you want to emphasize your cleavage, you can opt for a top with a deeper cut, but be sure to remain in the borders of classy, and pair it with a long skirt or pants. The same rule can be easily applied on dresses and you can always create balance with a gorgeous statement necklace.


Don’t reveal too much
Some women go overboard when trying to prove and reveal their sexiness and they usually wear outfits that just show off too much. Some take it too far with the cleavage; some wear short skirts that barely cover anything and some even combine these two into one outfit. It is important to feel good about your body, but sometimes it is better to be a bit mysterious and leave something to the imagination. Instead of displaying everything at once, you should reveal one area of your body at the time. If you are going to the party and want to show off your chest, go for it, but remember to cover your legs and tummy. To achieve this you can choose one of your simple but classy cocktail dresses. However, if you want to show off your tummy, don’t leave it bare. Instead, opt for tighter dresses and shirts that will emphasize your midriff and keep the look classy.


Play with Color
Another useful way to display sophistication and confidence is through color combinations. Your outfit colors should be picked in accordance to your skin tone. Choose pieces that complement your skin and emphasize its elegance. For example, if your skin color is light and gentle, you should opt for jewel tones such as dark greens and purple shades. On the other hand, if your skin tone is rather warm, metallic and neon colors will bring out the best of it. Additionally, neutral skin tones can always be elevated with some bold and bright colors.


Comfort Above All
In order to feel confident and sexy, you have to feel comfortable. Too revealing clothing is often uncomfortable, so you should stick to some simple pieces that cover most of your skin. However, if you lack something that makes you feel sexy, you can opt for comfortable but attractive lingerie that only you know about and you will instantly walk more proudly while looking elegant. Also, simple jeans and a white shirt can look sexy on a woman since they are comfy. However, for extra flair you can upgrade it with a flashy belt, classy accessories and a bit bolder makeup.
As you can see, sexy and classy do go together. If you remember these several rules, you will never have a problem with your outfits and everyone will only envy your sophistication and good looks. Additionally, mind your posture and you will never ceaseto amaze.

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