Dealing with skin pigmentation

Dealing with skin pigmentation

I always had a few freckles on my face that I found quite cute. That never bothered me, but as I started to age and noticed that there was something more than just freckles. I usually spend a lot of time outside, enjoying the sun, but unfortunately, that has taken a toll on me and my skin and now I have problems with pigmentation.
The UVA rays stimulate the pigment cells and they start producing more and more melanin which manifests in dark patches all over your body. If that wasn’t enough, some hormone problems and changes I have undergone stimulated the cells more which resulted in various discomforting patches on my skin. It is quite an attack on my self-esteem since I don’t feel as comfortable to wear my bikini or even show off my cleavage. In the pursuit for better skin without any dark patches I tried many different things, but these several performed miracles.

The first rule of fighting skin pigmentation is patience. You cannot expect any of the products to work immediately, since you will need several treatments to completely get rid of the patches. The second rule is being diligent. If you neglect your skin care routine and avoid wearing sunscreen, all of your fancy products for fighting pigmentation are not going to work. I never wore sunscreen and look where that got me.
Pigment Blockers
There are various types of pigment blockers and each has its way of preventing pigmentation. Additionally, they can help you fight the already formed pigmentation since they contain inhibitors such as soy and niacinamide which can lighten the dark skin patches. For the best results, I found that applying such products in the morning and before the bed works the best, so I started following such routine. However, you cannot see the results immediately, and it takes such products a few weeks to kick in.


Laser Treatments
To be honest, I was afraid of undergoing laser treatment for my skin pigmentation. However, I friend of mine told me that she knows some people who are happy with the results after such treatments. So, I decided to give it a shot. Firstly, I had to consult with my dermatologist and the professional about which procedure is the best for my pigmentation. I learned that there are two options for me: laser toning and IPL. Laser toning is quite non-invasive and gets good reviews, but you have to stay out of the sun. It even works miracles on darker skin tones, but since my skin is pretty fair, I had an excellent prognosis. As far as IPL is concerned, it is also non-invasive and it includes peels with the most gentle AHAs that don’t irritate your skin. I got pretty hooked on these peels and I frequently visit the clinic and I am really thrilled about the results. However, I have to be diligent and protect myself from the sun.

Physical Sunscreen
If you have the same problem as I do, this product is your best friend. Use physical sunscreen that is packed with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, because the chemical sunscreen will only trigger the hyperpigmentation. Use this friendly mineral sunscreen every single day on top of the pigment blocker. I even wear it under my makeup every day and I have never been happier. Additionally, this product is essential if you frequently exfoliate your skin, because it is fresh and more prone to getting damaged from the UV.
The combination of these three treatments worked the best for my condition. Pigmentation is a drag; it ruins your self-esteem and you tend to hide your body and face from others. Since I never liked hiding and staying at home all the time I decided to mix these three treatments and I have never been happier.

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