How To Dress For Any Occasion

How To Dress For Any Occasion

A special occasion has come up, and you need a dress. There’s thousands of websites and stores that you can visit in order to find the perfect dress, and yet you don’t know where to begin. Some occasions are also accompanied with dress codes or ‘rules’ that a guest should always know which can make the process all the more stressful for you. These tips will hopefully help you decipher what to wear to which occasion.

  1. The Weddings

Weddings are the creme de la creme of fancy dress occasions. As everyone knows, there are certain guidelines that everyone accepts when it comes to dressing for a wedding. Don’t wear white unless you’re a bridesmaid and have been told to do so, similarly some brides prefer guests not to wear black dresses as it is traditionally reserved for funerals. Bare skin is fine, but make sure that you’re necklines aren’t plunging deep down and cut outs are suitable, it is a family event after all.

  1. Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties is where the little black dress first garnered fame. It’s supposed to be versatile and stylish all year round, allowing you to look chic and stunning with little effort. A&N Luxe Label has a gorgeous range of black dresses like this Lace Cocktail Dress. With the midi length hemline and stunning simple elegance, it is the ideal cocktail dress for the occasions where a fancy dress is needed but it’s casual enough for you to bare those knees. Short and sweet is the style of choice for cocktail parties.

  1. Celebratory Events

Whether it’s birthdays or New Years, a party is the perfect time to bring extra glitz and glamour to your outfit no matter how formal or casual your event is. For a fancy New Years Eve party a floor length gown is needed, but dress it up with sequins and daring cuts like A&N Luxe Label’s Camilla Sequin Gown. For a birthday celebration you’ll want to lean toward the more casual side, but with slightly more sophistication than your typical clubbing outfit. Visit KOOKAΪ for a great selection of dresses that are effortlessly chic in their design.

  1. Fancy Nights Out

Whether it’s to the theatre, ballet or opera, there are certain nights out where a fancier dress code is needed. If you have absolutely no time to think about what you’re wearing, then feel free to pull out your little black dress from your wardrobe and put that on. On the other hand, if you have a little more time then try and see if you can gauge the level of casualness.

If you’re attending a premier or opening night, then you’ll want to don a more elegant dress like the Fabiana Sequin Gown from A&N Luxe Label, otherwise a simple dress will most likely do for any other night. It’s about understanding the environment you’re entering and ensuring that you’ve dressed for the right occasion.

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