How to Dress for A Cocktail Party?

If you’ve been invited to a cocktail party, lucky you as you now have the opportunity to dress up and flaunt a new, pretty and fun dress.

Sometimes finding the right dress for a cocktail party can prove to be a challenge as each and every party puts forward a different theme, time and type of party. But, by following our tips, tricks and suggestions, dressing for your party will be easy and enjoyable!

Find the balance between comfort and style to ensure a pleasant experience in your dress and choose something that you will be confident and happy in.

Read the Invitation

The invitation to your cocktail party is where you will gather all the information you need to dress appropriately for the event. Investigate it and look out for key bits of detail to understand what is required from you style wise on the night.

The invitation should indicate to you the theme of the night. Whether you’re supposed to dress in specific colours, like black tie, or if your outfit must have sparkles or other fun patterns.

The address will hint to you if the party is inside or outside. If the party is outside you will need to be aware of dressing to the weather. It will also suggest how formal the night is. You can then determine how casual or formal your outfit will need to be to fit in. If the event is during the day or night can also play as an indicator of how formal you should aim for.

Dress for the Season

Whether your cocktail party is in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, you should dress to the trends of that season.

A Summer outfit should be light and made up of bright, happy colours. You can also wear stylish, open-toed heels. In Winter, try a dress with sleeves and a length that reaches your knees. Or, opt for something different and wear a pantsuit.

In Spring wear pretty floral patterns and how about match it with a fashionable hat or headband?

The Season will guide your cocktail party ensemble. You can browse elegant evening and prom dresses on Alamour the Label.

Shoes and Handbags

Accessories are the ultimate way to fully enhance your style and make you seem like the most fashionable person in the room.

Choosing the dress is the easy part of dressing for a cocktail party, it is your choice in shoes and handbags that will set you apart from the crowd and stand out, in a good way. As much as you want to fit the theme and requirements of the party you’re attending, don’t be a sheep.

Acknowledge the theme but play around with it also. For example, if the theme requires you to wear a certain colour, like white, wear brightly coloured shoes and a patterned clutch to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Love What You Wear

As always, choose something that will make you feel confident and happy. It should also be equally comfortable and fashionable!


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