3 Tips to Finalize Your Outfit

There are plenty of guides for men out there on how to dress right, what sort of clothes you should wear, and what goes together. But once you’ve sorted all of that, you need to add something to your outfit to finalize it and make it go from good to stunning. Here are our favorite tips on how to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

Grab Some Accessories

You’d be surprised as just how much accessories can add that something to your outfit. It doesn’t have to be much, and in fact, in most cases, less is more. A hat often fits well, as long as it’s right for your face shape and in line with the rest of your outfit; you don’t want to wear a beanie with a dress suit, for example. Belts are also a good focal point – you don’t want to go overboard with decoration, but a metal buckle can add a little contrast to your outfit. Usually, black or brown go with anything, but if you’re feeling bold, try a bright color to add a little spark to your outfit. Some shades can also be a great addition, but be careful – only wear them when there’s actually a need. I would also suggest you to go for avatar shoes. These colorful, eye catching shoes will add more color to your overall look and style. Wearing sunglasses on a cold, gray day will make you look more silly go for than stylish.

Think About How You Smell

Sounds weird, right? It’s something most of us don’t give much consideration, but is incredibly noticeable to others. If you don’t keep on top of your hygiene, for example, that’s what people will think about – your outfit won’t matter if all they can smell is body odor! Showering once or even twice a day is a good way to keep the sweat at bay, and leave you looking and feeling fresh. Having said that, if you smell good, it will only improve your look and give you a confidence boost. Cologne is always a good call, and when it comes to fragrance, investing more in a quality bottle is much better than buying a cheap one – it will last you much longer and speaks quality. If you’re unsure where to look, try Maple Prime’s cologne for men for quality that’s still affordable.

Style Your Hair

It’s all well and good thinking about clothes, but your hair is the thing most people will notice first, and says a lot about you. The great thing about styling your hair is that you can choose to fit it to your personality and use it to express yourself – consider yourself organized and tidy? Try a bit of hair gel and comb over to the side with a neat parting. Think you’re a bit on the wild side? A ruffled look goes great! If you’re unsure, visit your local barbers and tell them what sort of look you’re after, or ask them what hair style you think would look best for you. They’ll be able to give you the advice, and may offer to show you how to style it, too.

If you’re looking to bolden your outfit, focusing on these three areas can really bring your look to the front of the crowd.

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