Estelle California believes “Black Is The True Light”

Estelle California believes “Black Is The True Light”

After the success of the single “Star” Estelle California  is back with another exiting number “Black Is The True Light”. France born singer & songwriter Estelle California is born with the love for music. As she started playing piano when she was just 5 years old. Her deep love and passion for music gradually increased. She learned saxophone, then went on to get formal training dancing in opera. Her real music journey began when she moved to Oakland, CA where she felt drawn to the diverse and respectful community.

This dramatic piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary. It’s is an optimistic song with a beautiful message. Her lyrics offer an overall message of hope and gratitude. The title fits the song perfectly.

The music is soothing and puts you in a good mood. The catchy beat and their voices make you want to give it another listen. The tone is somewhat dynamic, yet relaxing.

It’s is a good song to listen to whenever you’re depressed or when you feel like you can’t be the person you are. I believe that you won’t regret if you give it a try. Estelle once again proves she is a real star. She has the courage to say whatever she feels in her songs.


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