Finally, A New Way To a Find Dresses on Campus

Finally, A New Way To a Find Dresses on Campus

Finding the perfect dress for an event seems to be one of the biggest struggles college girls, like me, face! This is especially true for those who go to college and have to attend events, banquets and parties on a frequent basis. Even though no one wants to wear the same dress over and over again, most of us cannot afford to buy a new one for every event. I’ve visited friends at schools all across the country and it’s crazy to see them hoarding tons of dresses that may never get worn again! This expectation of buying new dresses continues the endless cycle of wasting money and congdressedGPSesting closets everywhere. Each campus is populated with slightly used dresses that are in great condition and are just taking up space because the owners already wore them. I’ve spent most of my college career looking for a solution to this constant dilemma and finally, I found that perfect solution: DressedGPS. DressedGPS allows girls on campus to rent out their wardrobe to other girls in need of dresses.

At first, I was skeptical. I had every right to be! After all, I’m renting out my dresses to other girls on campus! But, I decided to give it a try and was very impressed. It took me about 2 minutes to make a profile and upload a couple of my dresses. A couple hours later, I got a notification that someone wanted to rent out one of my dresses- it worked! We decided to meet up at the library where the other girl checked it out and was ready to “borrow” it for the weekend! Just like that, I was able to make money and she was able to wear a beautiful dress without any hassle.

Look, I’m not here to advertise DressedGPS. I am here to let girls like me who are super busy with a full course-load and more extracurricular than my resume can handle that you no longer have to waste time and money searching for dresses all over the place. And if that doesn’t convince you, DressedGPS donates some of their profits to a bunch of great charities.

Easy money. Unlimited wardrobe. Charity.

Too good to be true? Check out and thank me later.

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