Interview With House of Hoyden Owner ‘Stephanie’

Interview With House of Hoyden Owner ‘Stephanie’

We recently interviewed a very talented fashion designer Stephanie. She owns a fashion house named ‘House of Hoyden’.


Pro Media Mag: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into Fashion Industry?
Stephanie: My name is Stephanie I am creative director and owner of House of Hoyden. I have been creating patterns and seeing since I was about 12. 3 years ago I decided to start my own label. After finally getting the business side of everything set up I created a ready to wear fall/winter 2016 line and presented it at pure London in February 2016.

Pro Media Mag: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Stephanie:  I love having the ability to create something new and tell a story behind the clothes
Pro Media Mag: What is the story behind the name “House of Hoyden”?
Stephanie: Hoyden means boisterous , bold , carefree girl, tomboy. All these characteristics describe me. It’s called the House of hoyden because all people who relate to these characteristics come to visit this house. We are storytellers, confident and individualist

Pro Media Mag: Do you work solo or you have a team ?
Stephanie:  As for now I work solo, I create and design all pieces myself.

Pro Media Mag: How do you feel when your work gets noticed. Recently your dresses were seen in Elle uk as well.
Stephanie: I feel extremely blessed. You work hard and only hope that your work gets seen. When this happens it shows that others appreciate your work and dedication you put into it.


Pro Media Mag: Do you follow the fashion trends or try to create one of your own?
Stephanie: No I don’t follow trends. I don’t believe trends have ever helped a fashion house last years to come. . Trends don’t last. People have to feel they relate to what you are offering for it to be worth anything . As quickly as everyone follows the trend is as quickly as they get over the trend.

Pro Media Mag: What’s the best place to see your designs?
Stephanie:  I will be in boutiques across London soon. I will also be doing pop up shops in the near future. Also my website will have all items at

Pro Media Mag: Do you have any goals you want to achieve?
Stephanie:  I hope to show at London fashion week in 2018.

Pro Media Mag: Readers of our fashion mag would like to follow you. Are you on social media?
Stephanie:  On Twitter and Instagram the name is Houseofhoyden

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