A Conversation With Miss Europe 2016 Winner ‘ Lia Kees’

A Conversation With Miss Europe 2016 Winner ‘ Lia Kees’

We are sharing here our recent interview with Miss Europe – World Next Top Model title winner ‘Lia Kees’.

Pro Media Mag: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into modeling?
Lia Kees: My name is Lia Kees, I’m 22 years old, currently I live and work in Europe.
My first modeling experience was when I was 14. At that time I did a lot of jobs as a catwalk model. It was a great experience for me – I learned the art of modeling, how to walk on a podium and pose for cameras. And a few years later I started to work as a photo model, my first big project was an ad campaign for solarium studios – Sun angel in Prague.

Pro Media Mag: What inspired you to get into this industry?
Lia Kees: As far as I remember myself – I was always interested in (or I always loved ) beauty, fashion, makeup and photography. And I knew that I want to be part of this world.
lia kees
Pro Media Mag: How was your experience with Playboy?
Lia Kees: Working with Playboy was an amazing experience in terms of how well was all organized, the atmosphere and the work with the photographer. I got a lot of publicity afterwards and the that was also the moment when I realized that this type of art fits me and my personality better. What I mean by that is that is obvious that I am not that type of skinny models you usually see in the catwalks, I am the one who can demonstrate the sensual beauty of forms of the female body, and this is what resonates with me and this is where I get my inspiration and excitement about every new project I have to work on.

Pro Media Mag: You recently won the title of ‘Miss Europe’. You must be excited about that?
Lia Kees: Im really excited about that and truly proud & happy
The whole competition gave me much more then just a tittle. It was really a big experience in many senses. It was a real life course in interpersonal relationship and emotional intelligence, it was a school of how to stay motivated and push your own limits to have a will to win, even when you are tired and not in a particular good mood. Also, during this three weeks with all the contestants I got so much inspiration and lots of ideas for my future own business.

Pro Media Mag: What have you learned most about being in this profession?
Lia Kees:  I will repeat what I have said earlier – I learned a lot of about myself and how to bring up the best of me, of how to deal with ups and downs, how to stay positive and that you have to work hard to get what you want. I also learned that it is very important to carefully select people who you let in your life, since those who you are around with influence your world view and ultimately the decisions you make about your life.

Pro Media Mag: What has been one of the biggest achievements in your career so far?
Lia Kees: In my modeling career it is for sure all the covers I am in & my Miss Europe 2016 tittle

Pro Media Mag: What are your plans for the future?
Lia Kees: Currently I am working on my own project. It is a work in progress and thus I won’t get into specifics at this point of time, but the general idea is that I want to help young women to achieve their dreams both in their professional careers and personal lives, so they are happy and content.

Pro Media Mag: Are you on social media? How to follow you online?
Lia Kees: I can be followed on instagram



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