Doch Cardigan is a Perfect Combination of Balochi Tradition & Modern Fashion Trends

Doch Cardigan is a Perfect Combination of Balochi Tradition & Modern Fashion Trends

Balochi traditional dresses are rich in color and designs. Particularly the dresses with their traditional embroidery are eye-catching, inspiring and trendy. Doch is the term used for this traditional Balochi handcrafted embroidery. It has a rich history of over thousands of years and an integral part of Balochi tradition. What if this traditional embroidery is improvised with modern trends? Definitely the result is extraordinary like what ‘Doch boutique’ is offering.

They have given traditional Balochi dresses a modern look and the result is elegant Doch cardigans. These Doch cardigans are rich in color as well as mode and trendy in style. These cardigans will suit you on an occasion. No matter to what culture or society you belong to, these cardigans will prove to be something unique for your friends and surely catch their attention. Each Doch cardigan is truly a masterpiece designed exclusively for you.

doch cardigans

Best thing is, they haven’t stick to a single design. They have put the colors of different regions of Baluchistan into these Doch Cardigans and came out with dozens of different designs each having its own grace and designs.

Prices are reasonable as well. Starting from as low as Canadian $125. And you got the option to order the one that fits you. As they are offering Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. So no matter what’s your body size they got Doch Cardigan waiting for you on their store. As they got No refund No exchange policy so its always advised to confirm your size before ordering one.

So are you ready to get yourself into the colors of Balochi traditions ? Order Your own Doch Cardigan from

Note: For having a better idea of how much unique and inspiring looks these Doch cardigans will give you checkout their Instagram.


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