Interview with Hempgenix Co Founder & CTO Marc Normandeau

Interview with Hempgenix Co Founder & CTO Marc Normandeau

Hempgenix is the leader in CBD Skin Care products. We recently got an opportunity to interview Marc Normandeau who is Co Founder/CTO Hempgenix.

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Marc NormandeauMarc Normandeau : I have been online marketing since 1999 and owned several successful SEO and web design companies since then, on still going strong. I was looking to partner up for past 5 year with a manufacturing facility to start a brand. I was able to find a manufacturer that was ready to get into the CBD Oil niche and form a new division of their company specifically for CBD. They have focused on Private Label Skin Care for past 16 years so this was a perfect niche of CBD since no one was making any actual skin care and even so ones that have come to the skin care niche are not very good quality skin care nor are they using quality USA CBD Oil in their products. The partnership formed our two companies and we had a total package of what we both needed to make a successful company that offered medicinal quality products.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to launch Hempgenix?
Marc Normandeau : I knew how the manufacturing industry worked with supplements nad knew that they push limits on what they sell and the low quality of products when the consumer doesn’t know better. I wanted a real medicinal company because CBD works for so many medical conditions.


Pro Media Mag : Can you please explain to our readers what’s the difference between normal skincare products and CBD Skin Care products?
Marc Normandeau : Our skin care products are the top of the line skin care. The benefits are what each skin care product is. We then infused each of products with CBD Full Spectrum USA Oil . The added benefits of the CBD is being proven to exceed the base ingredients with skin conditions and, healing, and inflammation.

Pro Media Mag : What are the key benefits of using Hempgenix products?
Marc Normandeau : Many so called skin care companies that are selling with CBD are taking out a lot fo the base ingredients in order to have more CBD in the creams or lotions. We do not do that. We keep the formulations at the highest grade possible to get the results that the product is used for and then place enough CBD in to get the medicinal benefit of cbd on top of the already proven benefit of the particular skin care product.

Pro Media Mag : Most of the products we use normally have some side effects. What about Hempgenix products ?
Marc Normandeau : Hemmpgenix has had zero complaints since our start back in 2015 of a adverse effect. Every customer we have talked to or received a review from see only positives results. This again comes down to the fact that we keep our skin care products what they should be and the formulations at the highest grade.

Pro Media Mag : Your top selling / most effective product?
Marc Normandeau : Our top selling products and most effective are really 3 different purposes. Our top product is our CBD Freeze™ Pain relief Cream. This product helps chronic pain and inflammation, sore muscles and such. The second most popular product is our apple stem cells as this help conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea and helps heal and rejuvenate skin cells. The 3rd most popular product is out CBD Capsules. This is an ingestible form of CBD and helps with internal medicinal conditions.

CBD Freeze Pain relief Cream

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers ?
Marc Normandeau : When looking for quality skin care make sure they are using USA CBD Oil, manufactured in an actual skin care facility, not just random generic facilities, and the purity of the CBD. Many companies use CBD isolate Powder and does not have the full medicinal benefit of the Wholesale Plant Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Pro Media Mag : Will you be adding more products under Hempgenix banner in near future?
Marc Normandeau : We launch 2-3 products every single month and have products in formulation all the way through middle of 2018 scheduled for production.


Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to buy your products or stay updated about your products?
Marc Normandeau : Our website ( is the easiest way to stay updated as we launch products their first and keep product stock inventory on products. If we are out of stock you can join an automated waiting list that will notify you when they come back in stock

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