Best Dressing Ideas with Salwar Kameez for Festivals

Best Dressing Ideas with Salwar Kameez for Festivals

Festivals are already on the way and for this festive season you might have already started shopping or saving money to buy the most amazing attire. Many women even today think about wearing sarees or lehenga for festivals or other ceremonial events. When you have low budget and want to look gracious, salwar kameez is the best and the bestest choice you would ever make. Though salwar suits are considered as the casual attire there are many things that makes them get ready to flash at the festive days. Those things vary from colours, design works, styles they are stitched and other embellishments.

For those who follows the rule of wearing salwar suits for only casual occasions, this is the right time to break the rule and rule the gathering at your home or office on festivals. This is the best attire of Indian clothing that is popular since years. It suits the best for women of any age. The versatility of salwar kameez is very well known in the global world and that is what made it so much famous all over the world. You will only believe the comfortability it offers once you wear a salwar suit. When you think you are done with all kinds of western attires and bored of going the same for every occasion, have a few sets of salwar suits and that’s all! You will have each one to wear for every event of your life.

Check below for the ideas which helps you not only while buying dresses for this festival but also lets you know a lot about each type of salwar kameez. For what are you waiting! Go ahead and get the dream of charming at the festivals real this year.

Lovable Asymmetric Salwar Suit Style

When you are expecting ethnicity along with modernity, this style is meant for only you. Asymmetric salwar suits are way different from other normal ones. The edge of the kameez may have zigzag pattern, fishtail pattern or uneven patterns all along the length. It adds up the volume to your body if you are lean and at the same it it makes you look compatible. As there will be a lot of gorgeousness in these uneven edges itself, a minimum of design works is more than enough. Near the neck you may get embroidery or thread works done by the designer. For this type of salwar suits, you can go for round neck or round with open heart neck design.

Asymmetrical salwar suits

Serene Punjabi Patiala Suit Style

The whole world knows about this unique ethnic wear of India. A short kameez with a fluffy salwar gets the best ever look for your festive attire. Excess of pleats all along the length of salwar and dupatta worn across the shoulders looks so much adorable. Ethnic design works like embroidery works, Zari works, booti works looks amazing for this style. The salwar can even be replaced with a Palazzo pants or Parallel pants as they also give the equivalent appeal. Draping dupatta is the main thing tone concentrated when you are on Patiala salwar suits.

Silk Floor Length Salwar Kameez

Floor length dresses are always known to give the ethinc appeal and also looks charming wherever you are. Especially for festivals, weddings or any other ceremonial occasions, these are the most suitable ones. Thanks to the designers who mix match the dazzling design works and makes these suits look appropriate at the venues. Red, maroon, brown salwar suits with golden threads weaving along the border and the width gives the most embellished look to the attire. Silk fabric is known for its royal and luxurious presence. And all these things together will fetch the most needed festive look.

Straight Cut Suits With Slits

If you always loves to look decent and dignified even at the grand events among the gathering, this salwar style is made for you. Straight cut salwar suits look so much casual but they have a lot of things hidden inside. The same suit may be added with Zari work or Karachi work to make it suit for festivals. Another versatile thing about this salwar suit style is, it looks beautiful with any type of salwar like parallel pants, dhoti style pants, leggings, push back pants etc.

Gracious Anarkali Salwar Suits

Most famous salwar kameez style of recent times is this superb looking Anarkali salwar suits. Many of them look so much better than western gowns with lots of embellishments upon them. A netted Anarkali suit or lace worked suit is the amazing one among many styles. With lots of sheer fabric layers, the kameez looks like a voluminous frock. The waist belt like stitching adds up the elegance of the dress. Many young women loves going for any occasion with Anarkali salwar suits. When you are on the way to shop Indian clothing online, never miss a chance to peek once at the section with Anarkali suits.

Anarkali Salwar Suit

Soulful Fusion of Indian and Western Styles

When you are bored of monotony in Indian fashion, you can opt for a salwar kameez which has a lovable fusion of Indo western styles. When you hear the name, you may think this dress is made for only women who needs to look modish but once you see them in real you will understand that there is a lot of things which are Indian in the suit compared to western styles. So obviously it is one of those styles that can be choosen for festivals. You must accompany the attire with accessories that are as well of Indo western style to make the outfit look perfect.

Contemporary Saree Style Salwar Kameez

Are you really scared of the most toughest attire that is saree. Because of the huge time it takes to drape the saree and the complexity to maintain the saree for long hours, it is mostly thought tough by young women. But who can stop admiring the beauty of sarees? Hmmm! You are still in confusion state right! But salwar kameez online which is in saree style. That’s all! You will get the admiration of a saree and comfortability of a salwar suit. Here the long lehenga like kameez should be associated with a dupatta that is draped just like pallu of the saree and this completes the look.

Beautiful Gown Style Suits

The old days where women were attracted more towards western gowns are gone. When you have so many options in our own styles, why should we lean on something which is not ours! Ethnic long gowns look so much pretty compared to any other styles. Whether you are chunky or lean, tall or short, this salwar suit is the best for you. So much of glorious looks within a few minutes can be obtained wearing a gown for festivals. You can even escape from wearing a dupatta for the kameez and even the salwar also won’t be visible so much as the kameez itself covers most of the parts of your body. Appropriate accessories and jewels are must to get the admirable appearance.

All these styles and designs will surely get the prettiest look for your physique when you take a great care while stitching and designing these salwar suits. Sometimes having the same design or style may make your look uninteresting and you might get bored to be in those suits. Hence check for unique styles and go for them without any regrets.

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