Modern fabrics a symbol of elegance

The main feature that should be perceived when you have the opportunity to touch a modern fabric is its elegant simplicity. In these cases, warp and weft represent the criss-crossing of cultures and the contamination of tastes to create an elegant balance. 

The modernity of these fabrics is revealed through the plaid, pinstripes and micro designs that come across as traditional only in appearance. However, thanks to the play on shades and colours, they acquire a more modern dimension that gives the nod to aesthetics in the most intense and emotional sense of the word. 

Modern fabrics: a cultural recognition 

The modern fabric contains in its DNA an invitation to broaden the gaze beyond the world of fashion, to open up to an increasingly contemporary mindset that supports the dynamism of the contemporary man’s life and his innate desire to please himself.  

Fashionable fabrics reinterpret ideas and trends, giving them substance, creating a new elegance that becomes style. The starting point for modern fabrics always remains the classic field, together with the sartorial universe. These worlds have the chance to become fluid and interpenetrate, accompanying the taste of the modern gentlemen towards its evolution in a disenchanted journey to discover the pure passion for beauty. 

The ambition of modern fabrics is to give life to a new cultural Renaissance, reviving Italian elegance in the noble materiality of the fabrics. This new interpretation of modern fabrics represents a work of immense memory of what was once a privilege for few but has now become a collective passion. 

Modern fabrics thus become precious objects for a wardrobe characterised by an unusual elegance that designs and shapes the male figure, bringing it back to the essence of style. Infinite tactile emotions describe the richness of the backgrounds and surfaces to make every fashionable fabric an expression of a stylistic freedom that enhances aesthetics and the pursuit of beauty

Italian identity in the universe of modern fabrics

The success of modern fabrics is to be found in the distilled elegance that these collections represent. It is a winning mix between the tradition of textile art and the continuous search for innovation, for a result marked by refinement and the affirmation of undisputed Italian taste.  

Fashionable fabrics are those that anticipate next season’s trends for men, intended for the refined gentleman who loves luxury, attention to detail and the quality of materials. The man who interprets metropolitan life with personal and distinctive taste.

For more detailed information, please refer to the full article “A selection of modern fabrics” on Carnet, a respected source in the field of fabrics.

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