Kanchivaram and Silk Sarees in USA

Kanchivaram and Silk Sarees in USA

Kanchivaram sarees in usaLooking to buy Kanchivaram and silk sarees in USA ? First get to know the origin of these sarees. South India has been generally associated with silk and silk in the international market has always been associated with luxury. Kanchivaram silk sarees is a sensation in the ethnic fashion world and why shouldn’t it be? It is made out of pure silk woven traditionally by native weavers of Kanchipuram town located in Tamil Nadu, India.

Legends have it that Kanchivaram silk weavers are the descendants of sage Markanda- the master weaver of Gods who is supposed to have woven tissues from lotus fiber. Hindu mythology further associates silk with Lord Vishnu. Kanchipuram is a little temple town located about 60 miles from Chennai and is predominantly a temple town. So you can say that this attire is sacred in South India and its inspiration too is derived from the temples. Kanchivaram saree in today’s world holds an unquestionable dominance among people from the Southern part of India.

Though India derived silk from China, the Kanchivaram silk has appeal like no other. It has that unique luster and color because of the climatic condition of the region suitable and conducive for the cultivation of the mulberry trees. The silk worm feed on it and rears the softest and the longest of the silk threads which absorbs dyes like no other ultimately producing the best quality of silk sarees. Saree lovers have extreme fetish for South Indian silk sarees esp. KanchivaraKanchivaram sarees in usa 1m, so here are some few tips to keep in mind while purchasing one.


A single Kanchivaram saree can cost anywhere between Rs.2500 to Rs.50,000 or more depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, patterns, materials used like zari, gold thread etc. First know your budget, decide how much you are willing to spend and how many do you want. It is best if you buy it from the source itself i.e. Kanchipuram town because it will cost you much lesser provided you stay near the place or while you go for a pilgrimage.

If you are miles off the place or seven seas afar do not worry, you will get access to your Kanchivaram no doubt; through nearby South Indian apparels store or online stores like craftsvilla. In any case, these sarees can be conquered by any wallet size, affordably cheap or extravagantly expensive. Besides, these sarees are a part of our heritage and culture. Every south Indian bride adorns it on her wedding day.

The Kanchivaram saree is also a tradition often passed on from a mother to daughter over several generations as hereditary embellishment. This attire of art despite of any confined budget is Kanchivaram and no other saree is alike in extravagance.

Its Beauty

silk sarees in usaThe glamour of a Kanchipuram silk saree is in its color contrasts. Temple borders, checks, floral and traditional designs, keep in mind that a genuine Kanchivaram silk sarees, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the saree tears, the border will not detach.

The characteristic feature is the double warp and double weft which enhances the beauty and value of the silk. The zari used is original gold and silver. In 1kg of zari there will be approximately 50% silver and around 5-5.1/2 gm of gold with balance silk. First silk is rolled with silver and then gold is coated. These days only 420-470 gms of silver and 3-3.5 gms of gold is used in the zari. The zari used in Kanchivaram saree comes exclusive from Surat in Gujarat.

All glamour, extravagance and luxury woven in one apparel by the weaver takes around 45 days to complete. Theme and motifs used are the suns, moons, chariots, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes, leaves, jasmine bud (mallinoggu) and parallel lines across the body of the saree (thandavalam).

Its Universality

silk sarees in usaA Kanchivaram saree is for all ages. Older women enhance their natural dignity, the middle aged women wear it with poise, and younger women wear it with an exceeding feminine grace. Each saree is normally six yards in length and some come in nine yards length too, varying in width. They are popularly worn for social occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, festivities and parties.

Bollywood actress Rekha rocked the beautiful gold designer traditional Kanchivaram silk saree with zari border paired with designer sleeves saree blouse at Esha Deol- Takhtani’s wedding reception. The bride Esha Deol – Takhtani herself looked ravishingly beautiful in red and maroon designer embroidered bridal Kanchivaram saree with heavy embroidered, mirror, sequins, buttes, stones, studs and gold zari border work paired with designer embroidered short sleeves saree blouse from designer Neeta Lulla.

Even Vidya Balan the desi-beauty in saree mesmerized the paparazzi with purple Kanchivaram silk saree with gold zari border at Esha Deol -Takhtani’s wedding reception. The universality of this silk is one such factor that makes it the most loved saree. The color ranges from bright hues to dark ones and anyone can find her perfect Kanchivaram. The feel of Kanchipuram silk sarees holds everyone in its sway.


silk sarees in usaAnother thing to keep in mind before buying this exotic and universally acknowledged draping you ought to consider the occasion. Are you going to be the bride or simply a guest? Or is it some religious functions or a simple meeting? These days, the silk, zari and Kanchivaram sarees are preferred choices of brides. The zari sarees are expensive affairs which have precious silver and gold thread works dipped in their liquids. These are available with color combination blouses and jewelry sets so that the perfect designer for marriage is not necessary to look one’s best.

Vidya Balan, Rekha etc have set a really good example of wearing Kanchivaram as a wedding guest. Their style was posh and splendid and just right for the occasion. Timing is another essential factor- knowing how to dress and when to dress is the primary sense that fashionistas develop it. Owning a Kanchivaram silk will definitely make you a fashionista but you are to know when and how to drape the Kanchivaram exactly.

silk sarees in usaThe age transcending Kanchipuram silk that represents the best of Indian textiles with unmatched craftsmanship, the beauty and grandeur of the gold thread work and its quaint motifs and association with ceremonial occasions have been glorified globally. You can never go wrong with Kanchivaram silk saree from the south for it is the best silk in the world. Your personality should be reflected in what you wear. Though Kanchivaram is a traditional silk saree there are many different ways to wear it. Getting it from a reliable source and being the master of your own drape accessorizing it, fitting the occasion likewise will excel you to perfection like the Kanchivaram silk sarees itself.

Here are some sources where you can buy the silk and Kanchivaram saree in USA




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