Cases of Cold-Hearted Parents That Shocked Us All

It’s not rare that we hear news of a tragic case involving the death of a child, unfortunately – but there is a subset of those incidents that are particularly troubling to think about. Sadly, this type of case still happens every now and then. Parents murdering their own children for various reasons, from material ones to mental health issues, is a real problem that can often send a chill down one’s spine. Some of those cases below are particularly creepy or noteworthy.

Caylee Anthony

The incident involving the death of Caylee Anthony became a national sensation after Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother, was acquitted on charges of murdering her daughter. Details on the case remain sketchy and unconfirmed to the public, but what we do know is that Caylee died under mysterious circumstances while her mother was out partying. There is speculation that Casey accidentally caused Caylee’s death in an attempt to put her to sleep so she could have a few hours to herself, but that was never confirmed officially, and the court ruled in Casey’s favor, despite what some people considered to be overwhelming evidence of Anthony’s guilt.

Brendan Creato

Brendan Creato was just a toddler when his father decided to take his life, apparently driven by his girlfriend’s hatred of children. The circumstances were made even more suspicious by messages exchanged between him and his younger girlfriend, Julia Spensky. The case was shocking to the world and especially the local community when it happened, and many pointed out the poor conditions suffered by Brendan prior to his death. Thankfully, the boy’s father was captured and brought to justice, although that most certainly does not solve anything for those who will miss Brendan in their lives. The whole case just begs the question of why someone would even think of having a child when they have such a negative attitude towards them in the first place.

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye’s case was another well-known one across the world, but this time it was because it involved a famous musician. Gaye was shot and killed by his own father in the heat of an argument that erupted between the two. It’s not clear exactly what happened leading up to Gaye’s death, but the incident became a hot topic when it occurred, and the case was followed closely by a number of people.

There was a lot of speculation and uncertainty surrounding Gaye’s death, mostly fuelled by claims that he had been suicidal before the incident. He had also bought a gun for his father as a gift. There’s a lot that we will likely not ever know, and this is certainly a morbid case to think about, but it’s also important to remember Gaye for all the art he has left behind. Whether he was looking for his death or not is impossible to tell, but it’s also probably not respectful towards him to make any speculations on that topic at this point, especially after so much time has passed now.

Sadly, these cases are just the tip of the iceberg.

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