Get the best Shopping Experience with ‘The Reel’

Get the best Shopping Experience with ‘The Reel’

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had an app where you could:

– Discover Designer Brand Outfits that are instantly shoppable from Designers | Retailers Near you ?
– Instantly Buy Online OR Walk to a Store Nearby to Try/Buy it ?
– Discover Personalized Outfit ideas styled by Influencers & Brands who share Outfits that are instantly purchasable in your town ?

This is exactly what The Reel helps with. The Reel is a global omni channel retail platform with proprietary technology & an intuitive user interface that helps consumers with 3 things:

– Discover Outfits from Designers | Brands | Retailers around You.
– Tap an Item to Buy with a Single Click.
– Make it Easy & Fun to walk into a Retailer Store and Discover Outfits ! ( When was the last time you could say this about walking into a Retail Store ? )

They have created a new Shopping Experience for consumers where they can Discover Brands that focus on Quality & Style and not just the ones that can advertise the most and generate most Buzz. They help consumers stay on top of Fashion Trends and make the Shopping Experience Fun.

The Reel also provides an advanced Fashion Search Engine. You can search for Fashion in any city !.
Traveling to Paris ? Lookup what folks are wearing in Paris. Discover Designer Brands wherever you are.

Share your Shopping Recommendations with your Friends: You can Like a post and this post then will show up in your public profile that your friends can see. Share your window shopping experience with a friend.( This feature is shipping in an update in the coming weeks )

Discover Fashion from Niche fashion categories such as Yoga, Work, Pilates. Search for ‘work’ or ‘polka’ or ‘beauty’ and Buy instantly. Get styling ideas from our Influencers and stay on top of your style.

If you are a Designer, then The Reel provides a Fair marketplace where you can successfully compete with the Bigger brands with larger advertising Budgets. The Reel provides a disruptive marketplace where quality wins and the consumer decides which Brands make it and which don’t. Sell direct to the consumer and don’t worry about websites, SEO’s etc.

They also help partner Influencers with local Fashion Brands, so sign up and apply to get Verified. You can download the App here.

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